10 Tips to Help You Buy Better Auto Insurance Coverage

Everyone has an opinion about insuring automobiles. Some people think that it is a necessary evil and others may want to buy a fully loaded policy. One thing is sure that we have to buy at least liabilities coverage to be able to drive legally. So, why not do a good job and get good coverage at a reasonable price if we have to buy a policy anyway? Here are some tips to help you find it.

The More You Buy the Cheaper It Gets

car insurance tipsYou may think that buying the minimum coverage required by your state has got to be the cheaper option but you may be wrong. There is no competition in the minimum coverage market since you have to buy it anyway. Besides, most policies sold are fully comprehensive. That is why companies try harder to offer as much coverage as possible for as little money as they can. Even you have to pay additional premium for a full coverage it may be very little. You should best get a few quotes and see it yourself.

Don’t Be Scared to Play Around with Deductibles

Instead of giving up coverage you should look at other ways of lowering your vehicle insurance premium. For example, you could increase your deductibles and see how much it will affect the costs. If you are saving enough it may be worth taking a chance that you will pay $1,000 deductibles instead of $500 if you ever have to make a claim. This strategy works best for people who would only claim for large damages anyway.

Don’t Count on Loyalty Discounts

Many policyholders make an assumption that they will automatically get loyalty discounts if they stay with the same company. You should perhaps read this article to find out more about how loyalty discounts work. It is highly advisable that you check for alternative quotes and see if you are really being rewarded for your loyalty by your current insurer.

Use Independent Brokers as an Additional Source

Large numbers of motorists make the mistake of leaving everything to their brokers. Yes, they know their staff but it is your policy. You should know enough about it and have the final say. Keep asking questions unless you run out of them. And remember to check the costs yourself as well. At least ask your friends how much they pay for their policies. Remember that brokers are commission driven. They will earn more if they can sell you a more expensive policy.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask

Do you think you cannot negotiate with your auto insurer? Well, you are wrong. They usually come up with magical savings when they are pushed. First you need to ask nicely if there is any way that they can lower your premium a bit. This may work. Otherwise, you need to go and get yourself a few quotes. If you can find a lower quote for the exact same coverage you are in a better position to negotiate. When the message as clear as either you match this quote or else they will get it pretty quickly. It is expensive to win over a new customer and therefore silly to let one good customer go to competition. They know you will probably never come back.

Don’t Be Afraid to Go Back to School

If you have had couple of accidents recently it may be time to learn defensive or advanced driving. There are so many of these courses and a few of them are over in a day or two. Check for the most beneficial and recognized one. Completing a good advanced driving course can have impressive benefits. Some local authorities may agree to shave off several points from your driving license or agree not to add new points if you complete the course they recommend. Also, you may be able to get discounts on auto insurance depending on where you live and your age.

Always Shop Around

The message is clear that you need to shop around to get cheap automobile insurance coverage. There is no need to fall in love with the first company you get a quote from. There are plenty of them and you should check as many as you can. It takes only few minutes to get a quote and very easy to compare quotes when you asked for the same coverage. It may be cheesy to repeat a popular advertisement slogan but you can really save hundreds of dollars.

Always Check Your Coverage

It would be sad to realize that there is a mistake on your coverage after you have a claim. Insurers will not accept any responsibility for miscommunications, errors and omissions. It is your job to make sure that everything is in order and the way you wanted. It only takes few minutes to have a good look at it. You should make sure that every detail in the policy schedule is correct and pay particular attention to conditions attached to it.

Don’t Be Too Keen to Make Claims

Why not, you paid for your premium and you should make a claim when you suffer an insured damage? Go ahead and submit a small claim and get paid $500 after deductibles. Then, just wait and see what will happen to your renewal quote! If you are in full control of the situation and you can pay for the small damages it may be worth it. For example, you got up one morning and found that someone scratched the side of your car. Think if it is worth making a claim. However, you should contact your insurer immediately when other cars and people are involved in an accident even you think it wasn’t your fault.

Don’t Be Economical about the Truth

You disclose all the material facts accurately when you are buying a car insurance policy. Don’t tell lies about your address, who will drive your car or where it will be kept. For example, it is not worth telling the insurer that you park your car in the garage overnight if it is full of junk and no room for a car even it means that you will get cheaper premium.

The Best Ways to Avoid Taxes on Investments

There are a million tax loopholes. As people get further into their investment careers, they learn more ways to save. For those just getting their start, the methods are fewer and farther between. This should stand to reason, after all. Without a lot of money, our financial lives simply aren’t that complicated. It’s difficult to find loopholes in an uncomplicated system. But there are two easy ways for a beginning investor to save on taxes. And you can do both of them at the same time.

Tax Savings Plan #1 – Spread Betting

Spread betting was created in the United States, but most people do it through European websites. In this investment form, a user makes an account and picks out a stock market, commodity, individual stock, or other financial entity. Because of the fluctuations implicit in stock behavior, no one is ever really sure whether an individual stock is going to jump or dive, moment to moment. This is the behavior that spread betting is based upon. A user will make a wager than a stock or market will increase or decrease in value, over a set amount of time. If, at the end of the time period, the stock has in fact risen or fallen, according to the user’s wager, the user wins. The specific amount of money depends on how much beyond a certain threshhold the financial entity rose or fell.

Because these wagers are made so quickly and in such great quantities, it is very difficult for governments to track them accurately and meaningfully. What is more, even if a government decided to tax investor winnings as capital gains, they would have to provide tax breaks for their losses as well. Because losses outnumbers wins by a fair margin, this would result in negative tax revenue. And it is for this reason that the USA has outlawed the practice, and the UK allows it for the passive increase to their economy. Get good at spread betting and you stand to make a lot of money quickly, tax free.

Tax Savings Plan #2 – Individual Retirement Accounts

An individual retirement account (IRA) is a way to save tax-protected money for retirement. You have to pay taxes on the money one way or another, but you’re given a big advantage. If you decide to pay taxes on your contributions as you make them (as in a Roth IRA), you don’t have to pay taxes on the money when you go to take it out. This is the kind of IRA I have, because I know the money will grow a lot between now and the time I take it out, giving me a huge tax free bonus later on. Others pick the Traditional IRA, where funds are taxed upon withdrawal. This is good for people who need to save on taxes now and will be able to afford the taxes later, because the funds saved will more than cover them.

These are the easiest ways for a new investor to save on taxes. They are very different, but a smart investor will learn to accept varying amounts of both kinds of risk. Get the balance right, and you’ll have plenty of money for retirement, and before.

Bulldogs rip owner’s arm off in horrific street attack

County Durham, UK, was the scene of a horrific dog attack that saw an owner’s arm literally ripped from his body as he screamed for help.

Reports say that the man screamed as two American bulldogs that he owned mauled him, leaving him covered for blood and literally ripping his arm from his body as bystanders tried to scare off the dogs by honking car horns and hitting them with golf clubs and garden tools.

Eventually it’s sad the dogs ran off into the night leaving the badly injured man.

One dog was reportedly hit by a car but was thought to have kept running. Police managed to shoot one and the other was later caught.

A helicopter and armed officers were involved in the dog search. The man was seriously injured but the injuries were not life threatening!

A terrifying story.

Hitler’s last surviving female food taster tells all in new documentary

A new documentary has given a voice to the last surviving food taste of dictator Adolf Hitler. The job entailed tasting food for the tyrant to ensure it wasn’t poisoned.

Chosen from “good German stock” 96 year old Margot Woelk tells of how the SS recruited her (pretty much something she could not say no to) and took her to work at the Wolf’s Lair!

She never met Hitler himself but along with the other tasters was eating foods far superior to the rations they were used to. However sometimes she says they would cry like dogs at still being alive and despite being heavily guarded she was also raped.

As the Red Army closed in she managed to survive by jumping on a train and getting to Berlin where she hid out in an apartment. However the Red Army found her and she was held and raped for a further 14 days.

The ordeal left her unable to conceive but she did manage to reunite with her husband who had been in a POW camp for a few years.

The other tasters were all shot by the Red Army.

A crazy story!

More can be read on News.com.au (http://www.news.com.au/world/hitlers-last-surviving-female-food-taster-tells-all-in-new-documentary/story-fndir2ev-1227066728606)

Inside Robin Williams’ Addiction Battle

I’m not going to pretend here that I know anything about the late Robin Williams personal battles or what drove him to his apparent suicide.

I do know the world has lost yet another bright star and the universe is noticably dimmer for the loss.

Robin Williams lit up and made the best of almost every project he was cast too however behind the over the top mania a man with addicted demons and serious down swings existed. The confidence in the world we saw was likely countered with equal self hate and he was extremely open about the addictions he fought for his entire life.

When I heard the news of his death I was of course shocked but we must remember he was yet another great man who suffered a much under publicised ilnness. Depression is only a part of what he suffered and addiction often is yet another part.

Robin Williams was bi-polar, manic depressive. Like many comedy greats (and other greats too) he suffered a very real illness.

Robin will be missed so so sorely but the media needs to be straight up and stop along this depression path, in my opinion.

Read more about manic depression and Robin Williams in Psychology Today here.

10 movie mistakes that slipped through editing

If the movie delivers an engaging story and we are sucked in I find mistakes are hard to spot. But over time they come out of the woodwork and some are shockingly obvious! Here are just a few;

The Wizard of Oz – In one scene Dorothy’s red ruby shoes are actually black!

In North By Northwest a boy can be seen holding his ears to protect himself from the gunshot that’s about to happen!

In Star Wars EP IV a storm tropper can be seen banging his head on a doorframe! Doh!

In Back to the Future the odometer of the DeLorean has some consistancy issues in one scene displaying differing numbers on cut backs!

When Sam and John (ok that’s their real not character names) walk into the room they are fired upon in Pulp Fiction bullet holes can already be seen in the walls!

In Independence Day Jeff Goldblum can be seen knocking over a barrel that says Art Dept in his onscreen drunken state!

Possibly one of the most famous glitches! Gladiator has a gas canister on the back of a chariot in the famous chariot scene! It’s clear to see.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone has blinking snakes (yes they can’t blink in real life), uncle Vernans pre ripped letter and Harry’s amazing disappearing and reappearing scar just to name a few mistakes! Oops.

Pirates of the Carribean has a member of crew clearly in one background scene on deck!

During one The Devil Wears Prada scene Anne Hathaway has a magically changing hair style!

All these mistakes can be read and seen in more detail over at The Richest.

College loan forgiveness programs

Did you know there are absolutely loads of College loan forgiveness programs that may be an option to help reduce or even wipe out your college loans?

For government backed loans such as Stafford loans there are options out there to engage in volunteer or specialist work that will count towards wiping out your loans and provide, in many cases, an easier way to tackle the mountain of debt that many build up after a stint in college!

Of course these programs take time but many do manage to work them into a normal life and it could be a great way to sensibly move beyond stressful school debt!

So how do you find out about them? Here are some links sourced from About.com (src).


The American Federation of Teachers (state-by-state directory)

Medical, Nursing, and Mental Health Professionals:

The Association of Medical Colleges

Lawyers and Legal Professionals:

The American Bar Association

Volunteer Work:


Peace Corps

Have you ever used one of these programs or do you know of any other routes to loan forgiveness?

The Nuts And Bolts of an IPad POS System

Setting up a business is expensive but the internet has given small business owners a slight edge in today’s competitive market. All they have to do is set up a website and display their items for sale. Customers come along one way or the other, and the business is good to go. Most online sellers now sell exclusively online but what if you want to expand your business. Consider stores like Abercrombie & Fitch. The huge retailer already had several international stores but it opened a store in London says Tweakyourbiz because its website had a large number of London-based customers. Techrepublic states that this process has now started in reverse with large stores and small businesses being driver to set up realtime stores just because their websites are doing so well.


What Is The Problem?

The problem lies with expansion. Expansion for any kind of store is difficult and expensive. If you are in a similar situation, you already know that you are investing in a store, hiring employees, stocking it with goods and this is expensive. According to legal requirements and tax rules, you will also have to buy a POS system to help you with the billing and taxation process but you just cannot afford it, you should not worry, as you do have an alternative. One way to save money is by using the same POS system you have on your website but integrating it to an iPad. With an iPad POS system, you can link your store and your website together to complete billing and sales for both simultaneously. As you need a POS for your store, you stand to save a lot of money as the point of sale system is already in place. All you have to do is buy hardware and integrate it with the website.

Setting Up The POS System For Your Store

As you already know, you can use the same POS system as you have on your website. However, as a vendor, you should know that most retailers now encourage the use of iPads for selling in store. There is a very simple reason for this. As your website is online, it makes sense that you need an internet connection to view your website and check sales. As you already have an internet connection, a cloud-based POS is a far better option for your store. The cloud-based system uses an internet connection to connect to an online server. The POS system is on the server and you only have to use an iPad in your store along with minimal hardware to set up your POS system. This is what any POS vendor would usually recommend.


Find Out How Big Your Store Is Going To Be – This is important as you will have to invest in iPads. If you plan to set up a small store, two iPads with backup hardware is fine. For larger stores, vendors recommend getting one iPad for two employees or one per employee.

Invest In Hardware – By now, you already have an idea of how many employees you have and based on this you can invest in hardware.

  • iPads and Credit Card Terminals – Each employee will require an iPad for a big store. As the iPads are given to roving staff, each store staff is usually provided with a miniaturized credit card reader. These roving systems are actually billing systems that are already connected to the store POS and they are very useful says Ecommerce. For example, a browsing customer may approach a store salesperson for help at a clothing display. If the customer is happy with the product, they can be encouraged to bill immediately by the store personnel. The mobile iPad and miniaturized credit card terminal can be used to swipe a credit card, take the customer signature, and wirelessly print a receipt for the customer. This not only simplifies the sale process but also encourages spot sales and reduces queue time. Most POS vendors recommend you invest in two to three miniaturized terminals.
  • Printers – Wireless printers are also an integral part of a store POS. The printer will print receipts of online sales and also print receipts of in-store sales made by store staff at the billing counter and all over the store. Most vendors recommend you buy two printers. One printer will be used to print receipts while the other can be used to print barcodes. As you will have a lot of inventory, barcode labels are essentialto keep track of what you have in storage.
  • Barcode Scanners – Your entire stored inventory is usually tagged with a barcode label to ensure tagging and verification. At the time of sale, sales personnel swipe the scanners on the label and the POS system reflects cost price, discounts and deals.
  • Cash Drawers – Some stores still accept cash and a cash drawer is necessary to ensure safety. However, most stores do use alternative methods of payment like PayPal and Bitcoin and cash drawers are being phased out slowly.

Setting Up Your Store

As you can see, setting up your store POS should not be a problem. The cloud-based system has minimal hardware and it is far cheaper than traditional POS systems. Get in touch with your vendor and negotiate a good deal to have your store up and running as fast as possible.


Best defensive stocks for retirement

Best defensive stocks for retirement – When putting together an investing portfolio for retirement you want some stability, stocks that will ride the markets and still produce. Of course we would all want that all the time but these kinds of stocks may be stable but not always the most productive. However they are essential to a good safe investment strategy.

Investopedia defines as defensive stock as:

A stock that provides a constant dividend and stable earnings regardless of the state of the overall stock market.

This is not to be confused with a “defense stock”, which refers to stock in companies which manufacture things like weapons, ammunition and fighter jets. (src)

Simple concept but obviously not that easy to find as almost all stocks are somewhat affected by the market, for obvious reasons.

So, defensive stocks, which ones! I’m no expert but Money Morning (src) recommends:

Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO)

Market Cap: $123 billion
Present Dividend Yield: 2.9%
Payment Ratio: 34% of estimated 2014 earnings
Dividend Augmentation: 216% in four-years, from $0.06 per quarter in 2011, to $0.19 per quarter today
CSCO stock currently sits at $22.84 per share, and has gone up nearly 5% over the last month.

Diageo plc (NYSE: DEO)

Market Cap: $77 Billion
Present Dividend Yield: 2.5% according to the total 2013 payouts
Payment Ratio: 48% of estimated 2014 revenue
Dividend Augmentation: 73% in ten-years, from $1.67 paid in 2003 to $2.90 in 2013
DEO stock currently costs $122.43 per share. It’s down 7.48% so far in 2014, which gives investors an opportunity to buy DEO shares at a discount.

Old Republic International Corp. (NYSE: ORI)

Market Cap: $4 Billion
Present Dividend Yield: 4.7%
Payment Ratio: 45% based on FY2013 revenue
Dividend Augmentation: 79% in ten-years, from $0.40 cents per share in 2003 to $0.72 in 2013
ORI stock currently sits at $16.45 per share and is up 28.69% since this time last year.

Huntsman Corp. (NYSE: HUN)

Market Cap: $5.5 Billion
Present Dividend Yield: 2.2%
Payment Ratio: 22% of secured 2014 earnings
Dividend Augmentation: 150% in seven-years, from 20 cents per-share in 2007 to 50-cents in 2013
HUN stock costs $25.19 per share at present. Its stock value has grown 42.11% since this time last year.

Like any investing recommendation takes these as just that, not sound fact, do your research, learn more and think about it from your own point of view (make sure that POV is educated though).

Good luck!

Best up-and-coming cities to buy a home 2014

Best up-and-coming cities to buy a home 2014 – Recent years have seen low prices but extremely high competition and aggresive buying from large investors in the real estate market. That’s left it a pretty rough time for the low level everyday investor looking to buy a home or 2nd property. However with a slight price rise but deals still to be had and the big guys backing off a bit 2014 is shaping up to be a better year for the normal folks.

There are many deals to be had a lot of places that could be said to be up-and-coming throughout the USA.

bird house home

So Forbes put together a list of these places with their forecasts. Of course some things that may be wrong on and due diligence is always needed but the list is extremely interesting.

Below are their top 5 places:

1 . Fort Worth-Arlington, Tex.
Pop.: 2,121,231
Actual Home Price: $168,383
Equilibrium Home Price: $210,296
Difference: -20%
3-year Growth Forecast: 25%
**3-year Growth Forecast is Local Market Monitor’s prediction for cumulative rise in home prices over the next three years

2. Dallas, Tex.
Pop.: 4,326,384
Actual Home Price: $180,645
Equilibrium Home Price: $204,453
Difference: -12%
3-year Growth Forecast: 29%

3. Charlotte-Gastonia-Concord, N.C.-S.C.
Pop.: 1,745,524
Actual Home Price: $201,855
Equilibrium Home Price: $237,985
Difference: -15%
3-year growth forecast: 24%

4. Nashville-Davidson–Murfreesboro–Franklin, Tenn.
Pop.: 1,582,264
Actual Home Price: $199,506
Equilibrium Home Price: $238,411
Difference: -16%
3-year Growth Forecast: 23%

5. Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown, Tex.
Pop.: 5,867,489
Actual Home Price: $191,279
Equilibrium Home Price: $218,610
Difference: -13%
3-year Growth Forecast: 24%

Wow, looks like Texas is the place to be! It sure does get hot down there…. See the full slideshow here.

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