Back home and trying to be frugal!

I’m back in London for a while. My home city.

After being in New Zealand for a year London suddenly feels very cheap, not something I would have ever thought I would feel. I’ll probably only be here for a month so there is a feeling of pressure to get a lot of things done. Friends to see, favorite spots to visit and new things to experience.

My life as a frugal minimalist really took hold after my London years. When I lived back here I had an apartment full of stuff and a life full of spending. Returning home often brings temptations for the old me to rear it’s ugly head.

London can be affordable and is a city with a lot of cheap and free things going on and frugality is essential on this visit as I try to save cash for a move to a new country, right now it’s looking like that country may be Hungary.

AS it feels cheap here the temptation is to spend. The fact that I can eat out easily for below $10 NZD is a novelty right now. The fact that a beer is available for $6 NZD is a temptation too. However if I succomb to this i’ll quickly rack up huge spending so need to ground myself in reality that frugality needs to continue.

So how am I fighting it?

  • Of course I need to see friends but have made them aware that I am on budget.
  • Eating out is being reserved for social events, as is drinking (not that I make a habit of lone drinking). I’m also planning on not having any big drinking nights if it can be helped.
  • I’ve been shopping at the local market for lots of fruit and veg and the supermarket for packaged items and cooking at the places we are staying is going to be done whenever it is possible. I like cooking and eating packed lunches so it should be easy enough.

So, I would love your input and help in getting me through it all!

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Hey, I'm Forest, owner and writer at I used to be a graphic designer but now I travel a fair bit and blog for a living. I love all the standard other stuff such as movies, music and socialising :).

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