Best Place to Sell Collectibles

Best Place to Sell Collectibles – Most of us have something stuffed away in the attic that may be a collectible. Maybe we have a ton of stuff from our earlier more obsessed days! Whatever reason you have to be selling a possible collectible you don’t want to get short changed and going the easy route may result in that. So I wanted to share an article I wrote originally for another site of mine regarding where you may be able to sell these collectibles….

Collectibles are so called because people love having them and that may be why you have ended up with a stash yourself. However when it comes to time to sell these beloved trinkets or items you may be mistaken by thinking you can simply throw them on eBay and retire off the earnings. It’s all about getting the items in front of the eyes that want them.

Best Place to Sell Collectibles

eBay can be a great place to sell things and that goes for collectibles too but you may not get the money the item is actually worth due to a few things. The items are in a saturated market and may be missed by the people who really want them, the markets on eBay are vast and people may not be niche buyers. Still, put a high reserve on and see how they go there….

In the meantime there are other options.

Assuming you were really into your item (and didn’t jump on the band wagon of them being a future money maker) then you know your item and know like minded people. These days the best way to get to a large audience is online and there are options for getting to the heart of the communities that may be salivating over your collectibles.

Online dedicated forums for every single thing you can think of exist. Find these forums, join the conversation and get involved before putting your items into the classifieds sections.

The same goes for groups for your niche on Facebook, Reddit and it’s also worth peaking at Google + these days. Avid fans are very active on these sites.

In the real world there may be dedicated stores owned and run by fans. Look these up online and pay a visit if possible. If not shoot them an email or give them a call. As they are a ‘business’ they may be after a deal but you never know, they could help you sell your items or put you in touch with people and communities who can.

So, basically it’s about putting yourself in the right place and getting amongst it all.

Do you have any further tips to share? Do you have any collectible related stories? Did you invest in a gazillion Beanies, ceramic pigs, or buy a job lot of chewed up Star Wars figures hoping to retire?

Collecting, selling and turning a profit is much more of an art than people realise! However that one lucky hit can change everything for you.

Good luck and thanks for reading. We look forward to your comments.

– Best Place to Sell Collectibles

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