Breast pumps not tax-sheltered

Breast pumps not tax-shelteredI’m not totally sure who is at fault for this whole mix up but if you have heard part of the new health care package is the ability to be able to purchase medical and health related items on an IRS approved tax-sheltered account. This is fantastic news!

Obvious purchases aside it also covers interesting things like new artificial turf for people with hay fever but oddly the IRS has decided that breast pumps do not qualify likening them to having to allow juicers too!

I’m guessing the decision was not made by a mother who has had to breastfeed before!

Breast pumps not tax-sheltered but they were not before….

Ok before everyone starts getting all up in arms lets remember that breast pumps were never a tax free purchase but under the new rules I really think they should be now. After all this new system is supposed to be all about how preventative medicine will cut healthcare costs in general.

Breast feeding an infant is shown to have massive health benefits from immunization to nutrition and a breast pump is a very useful tool for a mother to be able to provide milk to the baby even when she is not available. I would say it’s almost an essential tool and it allows the mother a little stress relief too.

The rights of a mother are often overlooked and I sometimes don’t think pen pushers behind laws and regulations put enough weight or thought behind some of their silly decisions. Fake turf but no breast pump, c’mon IRS wake up and listen to us bloggers.

What do you think should breast pumps and related items be tax-sheltered?

Obviously to demand tax breaks in a terrible economy is a bit much but I think more should be done to help mothers, children and the elderly. Not because women are weak but because being a mother is damn hard and it deserves our merit.

I would love to know what you guys think and if I am just rambling on about something that really does not matter?

Read more on this at the New York Times.

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4 thoughts on “Breast pumps not tax-sheltered”

  1. I was not aware that they were previously deductible! The comparison to juicers is ridiculous, since you clearly aren’t using a juicer on a body part.

    1. Hey Saved Quarter, no they never were, that’s partially why i don’t get why it is big news but if similar items are getting added to the list I really think they should be too.

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