Buy prepaid gasoline cards…. but why?

Many gas companies offer prepaid gas cards and you can easily buy them from your regular gas station or online. In fact the sale of gasoline cards has been growing a huge amount in recent years as the price of gas has rocketed and people have seen the sense in pre-buying.

Why not go better than a discount…. get a FREE gas card…

A prepaid gas card could fit in perfectly with your budget plans. Knowing how much gas you have to spend will help you work out where you can drive and where you can’t. You will be much less tempted to drive to places that you can walk to or use the car for any other pointless journey. Knowing your limits will save you money.

By pre-buying gas on payday, you will be safe for the month and if you run out of cash at least you will have money to get to work and do any important duties.

gas pumpSome gas cards will offer a discount. Sometimes pretty large. claims to offer $100 worth of gas for $80 with it’s gas cards, with high gas prices that is a great discount!

Gas cards could make the perfect gift or safety net for the kids. If you kid is driving back and forth from college, I am sure you will be much happier giving them a card as an emergency backup.

Let me know what other advantages you could see.

11 thoughts on “Buy prepaid gasoline cards…. but why?”

  1. At Shaners, I think some of them do actually lock the price in… gas may actually go down a few cents in the coming week so may not be good to buy that type for the short term.

  2. WOW never really thought about pre-paid gas cards.
    Wouldnt it be great if you could lock in a gas price, like .10$/litre
    Man the price of gas is just ridiculous though isnt it

  3. Can it be that your server is infected with a virus – I get an Virus warning when I open your site with Firefox – Just for your Info.

  4. That’s a good idea. I think with prepaid cards, we will be able to restrict our self from over using the car and like what you have said from useless use of gas. These days, we need to know how to save and benefit from it.

  5. I’m not so sure about prepaid gas cards. Sure it would be great if you could lockin prices for so many gallons, but prepaid gas cards don’t work that way. If fuel is $3.55 a gallon or $6.55 a gallon, when the money balance on your card has run out, so has your ability to puchase fuel with the card. I think I would rather keep my options open and try to find the best gas prices. Yes I know, good luck on that one. Why there has never been a case against oil companies for price fixing, I don’t know.

    1. Hey Better MPG, I wrote this article quite a while back now and at the time some cards were offering lock in prices…. I am guessing that is no longer the case and of course that kind of invalidates their point in the long run!

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