Buying Beer in Bulk

Buying Beer in Bulk
Buying Beer in Bulk

Buying Beer in Bulk – I love a nice beer, and by that I mean decent beer, not just drinking for the sake of drinking! It’s quite common to buy beer in bulk for a party or large gathering. Keg parties have been a student staple for a long time but normally that is picking up the cheapest and nastiest stuff you can find just to satisfy your guests looking for liquid confidence.

But how about buying beer in bulk for general relaxed home drinking. I’m not talking about picking up a 6 pack from the gas station but actually sourcing a beer you love and then buying either a very large batch of bottles or a whole keg.

Buying Beer in Bulk: Finding a beer

The important thing is that you don’t buy a beer you will get sick of. I also recommend you stay away from the Budweiser and Coors of the world and pick something from a local brewery. In bulk the cost will be significantly lower, you will be feeding the local economy and you will possibly be able to find a healthier beer with less chemicals with genuine love put into its creation.

Also don’t go after gimmicky beers. I once had an awesome Magic Hat Beet beer (the original one before the did a milder more lager like beet beer) that was bright red and tasted quite sweet. Great for a few pints but if I had purchased that beer in bulk I would have become bored or it or sick of it pretty quickly.

A nice light beer or ale with not too much alcohol is perfect for home. IPA’s, Mexican Style Lager or White Beer are all good choices that go with a wide range of foods and are often liked by most guests too.

In Vermont (where they have th most breweries per capita in USA!) you can go to most breweries and they have tasting rooms. Its a great opportunity to try a lot of varieties

of beer and really make sure you find one or two that you love!

Buying Bottles of Beer in Bulk

Most bottled beer stores for a very long time so they are a safe option. I would recommend once you have your beer of choice you call up the sales office or visit them and just go straight to the source. Pick up the beer yourself and work out the bulk pricing. 1-200 bottles may be quite an outlay at first but it will safe you cash over time and you will be already stocked for upcoming gatherings.

You may also be able to strike a deal with the supplier where you get a large multi-pack and still get the benefits of bulk order discount.

Buying a Keg of Beer

To use a keg you need an additional piece of equipment. Either a hand pump (which is quite fun) or a carbon dioxide powered pump. Sometimes these can be found at your local brewery or in a local liquor store but as always it’s likely you will find the best prices on Amazon and Ebay.

Also it pays to buy a keg that just needs to stay cool and not freezing cold as this will require additional cooling. You are best to speak to the brewery about which beers are suitable in just a cool condition like your garage or basement.

Once you have your pump it’s just a case of going to the breweries direct. A half keg (7.5 gallons) will still be well priced but will also be easier to manage.

Our article on the Most Popular Craft Beers may be of some help.

Dangers of Buying Beer in Bulk

It would be irresponsible of me to write about alcohol without at least acknowledging the danger of having a stock of beer at home. It’s extremely easy to over drink and get used to always having alcohol to hand so I suggest you make yourself very aware of that fact before you go bulk!

Personally keeping the beer out of sight helps and regulating how much you have per day. If it’s for a party make sure you don’t drink too much before the event and end up short!

Always keep a tab on how much you have had and never ever do things like mow the lawn, drive to the store or anything like that after drinking at home.

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I hope you enjoyed the article and I would love to have your feedback and any tips you have about buying beer. I’d also love to hear your favorite beers and anything else you have to add.

Thanks for reading – Buying Beer in Bulk

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