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Spring inspired decor project

Spring inspired decor project – So Spring finally arrived here in Budapest and our apartment is looking really baron! I need some decor projects, something to brighten the place up and if any readers have anything to suggest then throw the ideas at me.

I want it to involve plants, be easy to maintain, oh and course cheap! I don’t have many tools at my disposal but would be willing to beg, steal or borrow a few to get it going.

So, shoot! Thanks in advance.

Space junk-zapping lasers

Space junk-zapping lasers – I don’t know if I am the only one that finds this story a little worrying but an Australian company is reportedly working on, and within a decade of having, working lasers that would zap space junk out of the atmosphere.

For those who have seen the excellent movie Gravity there are scenes that give an insight into something that may well be a very real possibility, space junk is littering the atmosphere and is getting increasingly dangerous as it hurtles around at lightening speed. The junk, which consists of things like small screws up to huge pieces of rocket, could potentially knock out all low orbiting satellites!

So the company are working firstly on tracking technology to track every piece of junk (imagine tracking a screw in space!), and then the tech to zap it and have it safely burn up.

Of course my worry comes from the extremely accurate tracking tech, which can see through the blurring atmosphere, and then the actual zapping lasers! Surely that’s just dangerous if owned by anyone! Dislike a leader, zap them off the face of the earth! I don’t know if the tech could be turned on earth but even aimed at space it could do some serious damage.

This kind of tech would have to be internationally owned and run with treaties and voting for certain use. It’s likely this laser will be in existence in the not too distant future so lets hope it stays in good hands!

More details can be found here:

19 Very Important Photos Of Benedict Cumberbatch With Kittens Buzzfeed

19 Very Important Photos Of Benedict Cumberbatch With Kittens Buzzfeed – Ok, ok, ok, we know this isn’t important or that related to this site but it had me laughing and I wanted to share a post I wrote about it on a site where I write about animal related things….

It always makes me laugh what lengths people go through to make stupid pictures on the net! Imagine if those talents were applied to things that mattered. Of course I hear you screaming that kittens and Cumberbatch do matter, they are the most important thing on the planet right now.

Well here are some of the pics that made me laugh and more commentary can be read here (where you’ll also find the Buzzfeed link with the full 19 pics).

19 Very Important Photos Of Benedict Cumberbatch With Kittens Buzzfeed

enhanced-2584-1394101151-19 enhanced-6312-1394102362-11 enhanced-23657-1394101381-29

See, very important!


Katherine Deprill plea to find mum who dumped her at Burger King

Katherine Deprill plea to find mum who dumped her at Burger King – One of the amazing things about the internet is the sheer power it has to gather people. As an investigative tool it’s undeniably amazing! Answers can be sought to questions, mysteries and ideas can be expanded, problems solved. With all those people at the end of the wires almost anything can be achieved.

27 year old Katherine Deprill was found crying on the bathroom floor of a Burger King restaurant, just hours old. The baby was taken in, she was healthy, safe and sound, and had what she called “the best childhood” with her adopted mother Brenda Hollis.

But of course, she is now curious to try and find the woman who left her in Burger King. She says she is not mad and wants to thank her for not throwing her away all together. She just wants to know if she has blood relations and more about her genetic lineage. Of course we all probably would.

So that’s where the awesomness of the internet comes in.

Katherine has posted a Facebook status with a picture, which is shared below, reading:

“Looking for my birth mother.She gave birth to me September 15th 1986. She abandoned me in the Burger King bathroom only hours old (in) Allentown, Pa (Pennsylvania).”

And here is the picture:


I suggest we all share this and help her find her mother, or someone who knows who she is.

You can find the status on Facebook here:


10 shirts you can’t wear to school buzzfeed

10 shirts you can’t wear to school Buzzfeed – So what is appropriate clothing and what is not and who has the right to tell us what is what? Controversy over kids being sent home over certain attire in recent years has been raising this question and it seems to be one that rages.

When I was at school we wore a uniform, a shirt, tie, trousers, black shoes and a blazer unless it was hot. Short sleeve shirts were permitted in the summer but the tie always had to be worn! It was extremely strict and I hated it. However I see some merit to uniform now considering the problems freedom of dress can cause within a communal setting like a school.

I’m not saying kids should be wearing strict uniforms like I did but I think some guidelines that allow a certain amount of freedom without causing problems (especially amongst parents moreso than kids!).

Buzzfeed published a list of t-shirts that had gotten kids sent home from school and it’s a varied and interesting list. Most were for political statements but some hate speech and symbolism! Below is a summary of the list.

1. Islam Is Of The Devil – A 10 year old girl in Gainesville was obviously sent home for this message!

2. Barack Obama: A Terrorists Best Friend – And a boy last year arrived with this patriotic message in his shirt!

3. The N Word – An 8 year old probably shouldn’t be embroiled in these word politics!

4. The Confederate Flag – Well, there is history to this! The 12 year old was sent home from Markham Intermediate School in Staten Island. However he says he wears it because he is a civil war buff, not because of any hate or racism.

5. Juicy Angel – A $75 shirt that is probably age inappropriate saw a middle school student sent home.

6. All Camouflage – Apparently this is gang attire so a 16 year old girl in Lowell, MA was sent home for wearing such dress.

7. Shirts With Pictures Of Fetuses – 12 year olds displaying graphic images on Ts for  “National Pro-Life T-Shirt Day.” may well get you sent home!

8. Professional Terrorist Hunter – One freshman at  Penn Manor School was asked to turn the gun displaying shirt inside out.

9. Virginity Rocks – Albemarle County, Virginia students have been banned from wearing this shirt.

10. Be Happy, Not Gay – This hand written shirt had the words “not gay” scrawled out by a school counselor in Illinois.

The full list and details can be seen here:

Now, personally I don’t have an issue with a kid sticking up for an issue they believe in and actually dialogue should be encouraged, however in some cases it’s parents using kids as pawns, that’s wrong!

Within a school setting it may be easier to enforce a no-statement code of dress to stop these kids of problems but of course it’s far easier to say that than to enforce.

What do you think?

Wife exposes affair all over mistresses Walmart

Wife exposes affair all over mistresses Walmart – Revenge is sweet, right? We all know the saying and all have participated in some act of revenge be in small or extravagant! The idea is that once you have your own back you can get past the event that triggered the anger in the first place!

In the case of this story a wife decided it was a good idea to post pictures of her husband and a woman he had an affair with, having sex, all around a Walmart that she worked at.

In some ways it could be viewed as funny but kids were potentially able to see the images and it could have lost the women her job.

Engaging in a relationship with a married man may be seen as immoral but I don’t think these personal issues should be dealt with in the public sphere like this, my opinion!

I’m not saying they should be hidden away either but we are adults and this story got me thinking about anger and reaction. We are all capable of some crazy things if pushed to it, especially when love, sex and relationships are involved!

The woman who posted the images has now been charged with one count of pandering obscenities but is saying she is not guilty. It’s now in the hands of the legal system and hopefully the fair and right outcome will be the result (yes I know it’s not always that way!!). More details on that story can be read here:

We all get caught up in personal problems and this story got me thinking about how I have reacted in the past and how I try to deal with problems now.

I don’t think revenge is actually that sweet. Personally I find bigger solace in letting go and moving on. By not reacting, normally, you position yourself better mentally. People who continue to act inappropriately will eventually cause themselves problems, I believe. If they made one mistake then maybe they don’t deserve the punishment.

When it comes to relationships, if someone “plays away” or does something bad then why would you want to be with them anyway? I know logic and love don’t work well together but seriously you need to be with someone who cares for you. If infidelity happens it needs to be discussed, you both need to assess where it fits into your life. I personally feel the third person is usually not the one to blame!

What do you think on revenge and how to deal with such personal problems?

Tips on how to learn leadership from a bad boss

They say that you always learn from your mistakes but there is no reason why you can’t learn from the mistakes of others too and if you have aspirations to be a boss or in any position of leadership then having a bad boss may be some of the best schooling you can get.

From an employee perspective you are in the trenches, with the others who have to endure the results of bad boss communication, treatment and decisions. Turn the negative into a positive and start seeing this as a kid of example not to follow, an opportunity to see how certain scenarios can play out and how your fellow workers take these scenarios and react.

I would use the time under the helm of a bad boss to start a kind of personal handbook and would even consider a diary of events and consequences. If a lack of communication peed everyone off, write it down, see how others dealt with it, how did you feel?

If a boss is mean or demeaning see how it affects productivity, what people did to react to it. Did they cower in fear or did they cut back on working hard?

When a bad boss makes a bad decision for the company did people speak up, roll their eyes and carry on, riding the company train closer to it’s demise with a knowing smirk?

If a boss is simply incompetent but nice do people take pity, do they get help from the people they are supposed to lead?

All of these scenarios are interesting case study elements that can create experiences to shape yourself and your persona and actions when you climb that ladder and take a leadership role.

What do you think? Is this nonsense, have you ever had a valuable lesson from a bad boss? Do you have more to add?


Secrets of the living dolls documentary – I have to admit it never even crossed my mind that there are people out there who wear flexible body suits to look like their dream woman! It wouldn’t surprise me if there was just a few but apparently there are thousands all over the world, many living normal lives and keeping the hobby secret!

A new documentary showing on the UK’s Channel 4 looks into the world of these men who are sometimes known as ‘dolls’ but it’s more officially called ‘female masking’.

At first glance I know many people are going to say it’s disgusting, weird, wrong etc etc but lets get real here. People are people and I am sure some of them are decent, some of them are not, some maybe have issues that make them want to hide away behind a mask and some may want to be a woman but not have the means to change. At the end of the day a million reasons could lead someone to become part of an interesting community like this and I don’t see why we should look down on them for it.

A clip from the documentary can be seen below.

Society creates our views and desires to a large extent and these people are doing something outside of the mould because they want to. No matter how weird or odd we think it is I think we should respect that as long as it does not cause harm to anyone else.

For many of these people the dressing up is a hobby, pure escapism and a bit of fun. Meet ups like the Minneapolis ‘Rubberdoll Rendezvous’ show that there is some element of fun to the whole thing and it’s not just people who feel they are the wrong gender or have serious mental issues.

The documentary aired on Channel 4 on January 6th. It’s available to watch on Channel 4’s catch up service 4OD (UK only) but hopefully will aire in the States soon.

Do you think these people should be looked down upon, forced to change? Or should they be able to do whatever they like, without judgement from us?


Two drunks cut off own ears for bet – It seems that these days Russia and in particular Siberia is becoming the source of ever weirder news stories but this story about a drunken bet that left two men needing medical attention and missing ears raised a few thoughts, at least in my mind!

News reports are saying that two Siberian miners from the southern Siberian Kemerovo region entered into an arm wrestling contest with each other while heavily drunk and celebrating orthodox Christmas.

They made a deal that the loser would cut off his ear.

So, after two rounds and one loss each they agreed that they were both losers and the ears have to go. One of the men cut off all of his left ear and the other cut around half off leading to both men requiring treatment and police left wondering if it’s a crime to self mutilate!

Although a very extreme case you can imagine that bravado, honor and of course the irrationality of alcohol led to the situation and less severe versions of this happen with drunk people all over the world on a daily basis.

Without knowing the people involved it is hard to say if they would be just as stupid sober but I would guess not and the story had me thinking of all the dumb things I have done under the influence.

Alcohol, like any most substances, is able to be enjoyed recreationally but a culture of being a certain way has led to the kind of scenes you see in most college towns late at night. Hoards of screaming men and women, doing stupid things, getting in stupid trouble and acting out of sorts.

I’m not saying that drinking or anything has to be banned but we need to seriously judge the culture that surrounds it and consider how we may go about changing it from within ourselves and for those around us.

What do you think?


Have you ever heard of the Homeless Billionaire? Well that’s a name given to billionaire Nicolas Berggruen. He is said to live from an overnight bag in hotels. He also flys from place to place in his private jet so while he doesn’t stay settled he doesn’t exactly rough it! But he doesn’t have to live like this….

He sold almost all his possessions and hit the road years ago. Still worth around $2.3 billion he isn’t likely to run short soon and his services and advice as are still in demand by many companies so he still brings in the dough from time to time.

Now of that money he makes, he is said to give much of it to causes and he runs a think tank on good governance and is heavily involved in the arts.

On top of all that he has joined the giving pledge, a pledge set up by Warren Buffet and Bill and Melinda Gates encouraging billionaires to give over 50% of their wealth to good causes.

So, the message is he lives against the grain. If every billionaire gave a little more like him would things be different? If so, would that difference be good or bad?

Read more about this interesting man on Wikipedia –