The freedom of having nothing

I remember as a kid always wishing that I had more stuff. I wanted each and every Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figure, I wanted more pocket money so I could buy more candy, more die-cast cars, more this and more that. I grew up in a world where having it all was part of the dream.

Into my late teens and early adulthood that continued. I wanted to work hard so I could buy a house, get a good car, have a top of the range suit, the gold cufflinks for the once in 4 year event, every DVD for every movie I ever enjoyed or anyone I knew had enjoyed. Finally when I had everything I would be able to sit down surrounded by all my stuff whispering to myself, “Forest, you made it bud, you really made it”.

Oh MY, things have changed! Yesterday I packed up yet again and left my home in Auckland to crash at  friends before a 6-week trip back to the UK. I’ll be returning back to Auckland in September and then heading off travelling the country. Below you can see ALL my stuff and when I return I hope to have even less and even smaller bags.

My suitcase packed with everything I have

Minimizing my possessions has been gradual. It started when I first left the UK for Canada 5 years ago. At that point, I had belongings all over the place with parents, friends and everywhere. Each visit back to the UK has seen me go through that stuff, and the stuff I carry with me, and purge it either throwing away, selling, or giving it to charity. Apart from what you see above, all I own are a couple of folders and a box of stuff from my childhood which lives in my mothers attic where it will likely gather dust for all eternity.

We all grow attached to our stuff and been through the pain of parting ways with inanimate objects. However, I think the freedoms that come from owning practically nothing far outweigh the pros of having tons of stuff.

Knowing that within a few hours I can be back on the road with all my belongings is comforting to me. It gives a clear mind, far less stress and worry.

More possessions lead to more things to think about. You need to store them safely, worry about where you left them and make sure you keep everything in prime condition.

Say you have every kind of tool in your shed, you have to keep them all rust free, worry about someone breaking in to the shed, worry about finding the right tool when you may actually need it for that one job. If you have 10 pairs of shoes you need to keep them stashed away to keep the hallway from getting cluttered. Having two cars can lead to to having to insure and service them both each and every year.

Living in a world of stuff keeps your mind believing you need to acquire more, upgrade and change constantly.

I think the late great George Carlin really caught the needless stress we all have about stuff in his famous sketch about “STUFF”

I admit that I am still attached to the little amount of things I own.  I’m working hard detaching myself from objects and putting my mental attachments into experiences and people.  The things that really matter, to me at least.

It is hard to break our addiction to the things we own and aspirations to own more things as the world we live in preaches that it is related to success.  I see it differently and believe that choosing your stuff wisely is far more important.

Probably the most important of my stuff is the computer I am writing on now. It allows me to live my life of freedom of location, keep in contact with friends and family, and acts as an entertainment hub. My phone has replaced my bulky camera, which enables me to store digital memories that can be stored and accessed forever. Asides from a pair of shoes, a pair of glasses and basic clothing, I no longer feel like I actually need anything and that is liberating.

I believe we are all capable of downsizing, simplifying and becoming less attached to things. My post How To Simplify Your Life goes into more detail on how you can begin to minimize.

Of course, you may think I am nuts and have it all totally wrong but that’s cool.  We all need to follow the path we believe is right.

I look forward to any thoughts, advice or comments you have.

Do you really practise what you preach? Am I really frugal?

If you tell a lie enough times you can come to believe it.

From people stuffing down a cheeseburger between salads, pretending debt doesn’t exist, hiding a drug problem in the family, or even ignoring domestic violence, it can get extreme. Keeping up appearances dictates a lot a of external behaviour and harbours internal issues. On many levels we all do it.

I blog about frugality. I pride myself on being frugal, conscious of my spending decisions and able to think beyond the good something will do for me and how it will affect others. This leads me to try to be sustainable too. Frugality is not just about saving money it is also about saving resources. I want to share this message and live it to show others it can be done.

Am I really living frugally and sustainably?

A friend called today wanting to meet for a meal this evening. A meal out in this city can cost a pretty penny.

Of course, I allow myself to eat out here and there. It’s a vice that we fit into our budget. The thing is, I already have plans for tomorrow eve and Saturday, so the meal tonight would throw me well over budget.

I was going to just say ‘yes’. Excuses are easy to make when it comes to spending over budget or making non-frugal decisions. My partner reminded me that we need to take our budget serious.

In the last few weeks, I have found excuses to go out for expensive meals or do extra last-minute activities. We have been more or less sticking to budget but we could have spent below.

It started me thinking about my real level of frugality. I think I am pretty good but at times I am lying to others and myself. I have told people that I cook everything from scratch, and whilst that is quite true, it doesn’t count the fact that I ate out at least 2 times a week (often cheaply but it’s still happening) over the last few months.

I talk about the abuse of animals and why a vegetarian diet is the responsible and sustainable way to go for guilt free eating but then I pick up and somehow justify cheap milk.

I’ll throw a few dollars away on a can of soda when I could drink juice or coffee at home. I’ll toss a piece of paper into the general waste instead of into the recycling, or use several paper cups for drinks instead of bringing a reusable drinks bottle.

These could be seen as small issues but I think it’s a big deal because I have been letting them slide. I talk the talk when it comes to being a frugal and sustainable and, for the most part, I walk the walk. But occasionally I slip over. I have been casting those slip ups off as if they didn’t happen.

It could be seen as extreme to dwell on such things but if you don’t they can grow. A soda once a week could turn into a daily ignored habit and end up costing $15 extra a week, $780 a year! Ignoring any problem gives it an environment to grow and that is why we need to keep ourselves under constant watch and work to improve anything that works in the opposite direction to the standards we have set and believe in.

The answer to the question for me is ‘yes’. I am living a frugal and sustainable life but I could do better to live to a standard I have set for myself. There are areas that need work and habits that need to be kept in check.  There are regular budget and lifestyle adjustments that need to be made.

I don’t expect others to live to my standards because everyone is different and we all have a different set of standards and morals. However, you should live up to your expectations and not allow yourself to cast off little secrets and slip ups.

So, ask yourself: Are you practising what you preach? Living to your morals? To the standards you expect of others?

I look forward to your thoughts and comments.

How I ended up back in school on the first day of the Egyptian Revolution

One of the most amazing, scary and life changing experiences of my life was being present during the Egyptian uprisings in 2011. One of the most poignant stories happened on the first day, January 25th and this post was written to explain the events that led me to hiding out in a building all night long!

As I now blog about travel the post has been moved to the travel site as it’s content, I feel, is more appropriate there. Still I would love if you would go and read it in full and drop me a comment or two!

The full post can be found here How I Ended Up Back In School On The First Day Of The Egyptian Revolution and below is a teaser to entice you to go and read it. All comments from the original posting have been left below.

For 18 days in early 2011 the world watched from far away as the common Egyptian fought against the repressive system in the hopes of creating a brighter, freer Egypt.

I had been living in Egypt prior to this for about a year and a half. We always “joked” that the country needed a revolution and although we laughed it was actually a real desire any compassionate person wanted. The common Egyptian didn’t live, they survived.

When rumours that a large protest against the repressive government were being planned for January 25th 2011, we all believed it would be a day of active protest until the police violently broke it up and then everyone would go home and life would continue as it did before. Us foreigners and the rich 1% of Egyptians would continue lives of comfort. The majority of the 90-or-so-million people would continue struggling with day to day life.

I want to talk about that day and the crazy journey I experienced. The beginning of a forever changed Egypt and a forever changed me.

So check out the post in full here at Everyday Nomad.

Thanks a million.

Using a Goat Instead of a Lawn Mower

Mowing the lawn really is a pain in the backside and it either uses gas or electricity too. What if there was a near automated way for the lawn to be mowed that wasn’t necessarily that expensive and was possibly even good for the environment?

Enter the humble goat, one of the oldest models of lawn mowers on the market today.

Using a Goat Instead of a Lawn Mower
Using a Goat Instead of a Lawn Mower

Goats being used to mow have been a media subject in the last few years after Google hired them and places like the town of Andover, Boston hired them to keep care of large areas of land.

Basically goats eat everything from grass to weeds to bits of trash and their appetite is pretty ferocious making herds of them perfect to keep large areas under control. But what about your home and the surrounding outdoor space you own?

Well if a herd of goats can keep the land around Google clear there is no reason why a few can’t take care of your land no matter what the size.

Hiring goats

Due to the popularity of using goats to keep green areas in check services have started popping up everywhere. It’s likely a quick search on a search engine for goats for hire in your area will bring up more than one option so you can even do a little price comparison. Hiring goats is obviously the care-free and easy option as the goats are removed when the job is done. The cost may not be that damaging either but you do have to consider that driving goats around all day isn’t the greatest thing for the environment even if their actual cutting is carbon free.

Arranging a goat hire is easy and once you have a few prices and have picked somewhere a representative should come over and survey exactly what needs doing to confirm everything. A small garden may just need one or two goats for a day where a large field could need 6-10 over the course of a few weeks.

Buying a goat

This is the harder option but it could have some good side effects. You will have a constant regulation of the garden, you’ll have  a cute new family member and the manure is great for the soil. The goat could also produce milk, if female, and could get much of it’s feed from your kitchen scraps.

You will have to keep them clean, supplemented with additional food at times and out of the freezing cold. They can get a little noisy and love to climb on anything, including your house if there is a way up!

Other things to consider

Goats are not gardeners, they will eat anything and everything and do so without care to presentation. They also favor newer grass so until the garden is well regulated it could look like a mess and need additional help from your green fingers. After a few goat cuts though it should start to be ok.

Climbing objects may need to be removed and plants you don’t want eaten need to be fenced off or they will fall victim to the goats chomping! Goats also have some plants that can cause them issues and in some cases even death so you need to make sure your garden is completely clear of these. If you hire the goats the owner will inspect the garden before hand but owning your own goat you will have to keep on top of this. A good list of plants that could be poisonous to goats can be found on the Fias Co Farm website. You’ll need to make sure there is plenty of water out in buckets and keep other animals away, they can protect themselves very well!

So what do you think about the idea of having a living breathing lawn mower in your yard? Is it something you are considering or have even tried out? Do you own your own goats or other hungry animal?

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I look forward to your comments.

Find Audio Books Online

Find Audio Books Online – I love reading books but to be honest time is always alluding me and I have trouble finishing them. However I do walk almost everywhere and I run a lot. As I wanted to read more but am hardly ever still (unless working) I started trying out audio books and I must say it is an awesome way to “read” on the move.

Find Audio Books Online

So, where are the best places to actually get a hold of audiobooks? Luckily the internet has some excellent free audio books sites and I would also like to recommend an affordable paid option.

Find Free Audio Books Online

Ok, lets start with the freebies as you can’t really go wrong or make a mistake here! Free audiobooks are a blessing really because they generally need people to lend their voices without charge. Luckily there are a large amount of volunteers recording out of copyright texts and they are available in a few places.

Librivox is pretty much the motherload of free audiobooks. The project aims to build up a completely free library of audio books and contains many classics and self published works. They are building a community and getting more and more grants to build the library up to a substantial size. Some readings are better than others but they have ratings and it is all free so there is no loss. If you fancy a go at helping out you can read for them too!

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg has long been the go to place for free ebooks but they also have an online audio books section now featuring some cross cataloging with Librivox and some of their own volunteer read books and computer read books too. They also publish audio books in multiple languages so it is great if you happen to speak more than one or are learning.

Find Affordable Audio Books Online

In the paid audio books market there is one clear winner for me. I am a member and use them on a regular basis for new audio books. That place is Amazon owned Audible.

Audible have a huge selction of commercial books but what puts them ahead of the curve is their gold membership plan. Basically I pay $14.99 per month and gain 1 credit. They 1 credit allows me a free audiobook each and every month which I think is an absolute bargain! They also offer some freebies and 30% off all additional purchases. Credits also run on for up to 6.

I have the library of audiobooks synched to my mac, iPhone and my partners Android HTC phone meaning that I have access to all of my audio books from there all of the time.

Currently I am listening to Blink by Malcom Gladwell and recently I have finished Born to Run by Christopher McDougall and Imperial Bedrooms by Brett Easten Ellis.

So here is the deal “Download an audiobook for $7.49 and save 50% for your first 3 months. Choose from over 100,000 titles.“. They also have an option for a free months membership and then $14.99 a month, I think the $7.49 for 3 works out slightly better. Even if you just stay for 3 months and get 3 books it is worthwhile.

Download an Audiobook to Your iPod for only $7.49

So, do you have any other services you use or recommend free or paid? Have you found you enjoy listening to audiobooks or do you get distracted? What audiobooks would you recommend?

Best Places to Retire in U.S.

Best Places to Retire in U.S. – If you’re wondering where to retire in the U.S. and want to know what are considered the best places, consider the following:

The following is an excerpt from an article Forest wrote earlier on the best places to retire in America:

This question cannot be answered straight up as there are so many factors. As pointed out generally mid down in USA is cheaper and college towns tend to provide more affordable surroundings. However even in the north places such as Buffalo in New York State may give a suitable cost of living but it can get darn cold in the winter! Obviously the absolute best places would be way out of budget for most people looking to live a full life on a retirement income.

Here are some towns and cities to consider according to

Houston, Texas – Houston is a large city with big neighborhoods, excellent restaurants in all budgets, a great local farming scene and plenty to do. Plus the large young population helps keep prices down.

Tallahassee, Florida – Tallahassee is a beautiful place to retire, Full of greenery and lots of places to relax but also enough local amenities and transportation to get you around.

Thomasville, Georgia – Everyone knows how much history and culture is held in Georgia. It is a great State to retire too and is no where near as pricy as it probably should be! If you are a history fiend this could be heaven!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – Pennsylvania is home to many Amish and they really know how to get by on very little and lead a nice life! You may not want to go to this extreme but Pittsburgh is not a hugely expensive city. It has cheap real estate, plenty to do and a ton of history on its doorstep.

Best Places to Retire in U.S.

To better understand what makes for the best places in America, let’s take a look at some of the worst

The verdict is in on which states are the best and worst to retire in for 2012. According to the ten worst states for retirement are the following:

#1 Connecticut

#2 Illinois

#3 Rhode Island

#4 Vermont

#5 Massachusetts

#6 New Jersey

#7 Minnesota

#8 New York

#9 Maine

#10 Wisconsin

I can understand why Vermont is on this list– it’s expensive and freezing cold for 8 months out of the year. Not particularly ideal for anyone, especially elderly people.

According to the website, the following were considered to determine whether or not a state was good for retirement: Fiscal Health, Property Taxes, State Income Taxes, Cost of Living, Climate.

They also included the following to be factors:

– Proximity to friends and family
– Sales taxes (Not usually a deal breaker, but annoying)
– Inheritance and Estate taxes (Some states have neither, a few have both)
– Crime
– Recreation
– Transportation
– Healthcare
– Education including colleges
– Cultural resources
– Natural disasters
– Fitting in socially, politically, religiously

According to US News, the following states don’t have pension or social security taxes and are considered some of the best states to retire in 2012: Alabama, Florida, Mississippi , Nevada, Pennsylvania , South Dakota, Tennessee.

I personally am keen on the idea of retiring abroad and stretching my dollar.

It may seem like a far fetched fantasy, but it’s easy to do and often times more affordable than staying in your home. Studies have shown that retirees need on average 70% of their annual income previous to retiring each year while retired. That’s a lot of money. Rather than suffer through the inflated prices of the economic depression during your golden years, why not go where the dollar is stronger?

In your opinion, what constitutes a great retirement spot?

Best Places to Retire in U.S.
Best Places to Retire in U.S.

Best Places to Retire in U.S.

US Cities With Rising Home Prices

US Cities with Rising Home Prices

According to the Standard & Poor’s/Case-Shiller index, home prices are rising in half of the major US cities nationwide.  Many realtors believe this is a sign that prices are stabilizing and ultimately that the worst is over in the housing market crisis. The greatest increases in home prices was visible in Washington, Chicago and Detroit.

There was plenty of evidence of declining prices in many US cities as well. Las Vegas, Cleveland, Detroit, Phoenix and Tampa have hit their all-time lows this past year. Many people might find this discouraging, but Dan Greenhaus– a chief global strategist for BTIG– has said that this isn’t a recent to lose complete hope.

US Cities with Rising Home Prices

Greenhaus was quoted in MSNBC about the state of home prices as saying:

“We certainly believe the bulk of the decline in housing is behind us and indeed, one might even say that ‘housing’ is more likely to improve from here. But given the overwhelming level of inventory that remains on the market … further price declines seem almost assured to help clear the market.”

So, it seems that there will still be some fluctuation for some time– although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Let’s take a look at the list of ten cities with rising home prices.

Inman News, a real estate data site, recently published the list of “Top 9 US Cities with Rising Home Values”. This is what their data has revealed:

#1 Tulsa, Oklahoma

#2 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

#3 Lincoln, Nebraska

#4 Madison, Wisconsin

#5 Honolulu, Hawaii

#6 Fort Collins, Colorado

#7 Fort Myers, Florida

#8 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

#9 Boulder, Colorado

As you can see there are a fair number of cities with rising home prices, which might be shining a glimmer of hope on the housing market as a whole. When the Case-Shiller report was published it was reflecting on the June/July months of 2011– the first time in 8 months where there was a rise in home prices.

US Cities With Rising Home Prices
US Cities With Rising Home Prices

According to many sources, even with the increase, housing remains the weakest part of the US economy. It will be sometime before home buying is considered “strong” again. The truth is that larger down payments requirements, tougher lending standards and high unemployment are preventing sales. Still, perhaps the rising prices in some cities are evidence that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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US Cities with Rising Home Prices

Boric Acid, Roaches

Boric Acid, Roaches – Welcome to Part 5 in our 7 part Cockroach Control on a budget series.

As I mentioned in the previous part of this series “Get Rid of Roaches” my favorite chemical for killing roach nests is Boric Acid, the roaches literally take it back to the nest and it kills them from the inside out…. That is if used correctly.

Boric Acid, Roaches

Boric Acid, Roaches
Boric Acid, Roaches

Boric Acid is a fairly human and pet safe chemical that has been used to fight roaches for many many years. It’s not very commerically viable because it can’t be patented in itself and is very cheap to buy. So the big companies do not push it, although many commercial roach baits contain it.

Roaches are also not deterred by it, which is very important when fighting a roach infestation. It’s believed to work by the drying the roaches out which leads to death. They die slowly and seem to actually like eating the acid so bring it back to the nest and it gets eaten by the young.

For non-food areas and behind appliances (fridge, cooker etc etc) the acid can be applied as a very thin layer of dust. Then if any cockroaches walk over it they get it stuck on their legs and ingest it when cleaning. This also gets dragged back to the nest. Make sure the acid is not left around in clumps. The roaches are likely to avoid these.

For backs of cupboards and corners of bathrooms or anywhere you wish I think it’s best to make some tasty boric acid balls for the critters to happily munch away on. Roaches love starch and sugar so it’s good to include these in the balls and you can try your own recipe.

Here is my recipe:

1 cup of flour
Just under 1 cup of Boric Acid
1 small onion chopped very fine
1/2 cup sugar
Vegetable Oil

Simply mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, except the oil. Then slowly add oil mixing until the mixture forms a dough that can be rolled into clean balls.

These balls can then be placed everywhere and should attract the roaches.

Also a paste of jelly and boric acid (equal amounts) can be made and this can be applied to openings and cracks where you think the cockroaches are entering.

Replace the balls every few weeks and hopefully you will be seeing less and less roaches until you see none at all. The balls are so easy and clean to distribute that if you live in an area where the cockroaches will keep returning you can keep this treatment up with very little effort.

If you are having trouble finding boric acid then look to the next post in this series.

Cockroach Control – 7 part Series

  1. Cockroach Infestation
  2. Types of Cockroaches
  3. How to Kill Roaches
  4. How To Get Rid of Roaches
  5. Boric Acid, Roaches – This Post
  6. Where to Buy Boric Acid
  7. Cockroach Control, Other Tips and Tricks

Have you tried boric acid on your roach problem? Did you have any success?

How To Get Rid of Roaches

How To Get Rid of Roaches – Welcome to Part 4 in our 7 part Cockroach Control on a budget series.

If you have read the other parts before this in the series then I assume you know what roaches you have, how to kill them on sight and are now looking to get to the juice and get rid of roaches from your home!

How To Get Rid of Roaches

Getting rid of roaches could be something that takes several months or could go on for the entire time in your home. Especially if you live in an apartment block and they happen to be within the structure of the building structure. However it does not have to be that difficult or expensive to keep these creatures away and you may even find that the improvement in your cleanliness and hygiene is a good addition to your living.

Step One – Eliminating reasons for roaches being in your home

How To Get Rid of Roaches
How To Get Rid of Roaches - Image Source:

Cockroaches generally come into house because they can find warm snuggly places to hide, food on demand and plenty of water. Basically the same reasons we live in houses!

So you have to eliminate as many of the cockroach luring elements as possible. First lock up all your food in airtight Tupperware or put it all in the fridge. Make sure all crumbs and remnants of food are cleaned off tables, floors, work surfaces and especially from your bed…. Cockroaches like nothing more than finishing off the crumbs from your midnight snack!

Next I would advise sanitizing everything with anti-bacterial liquid such as Dettol Disinfectant. Make sure you get rid of any areas where you may find cockroach poop (which can sometimes look like small mouse droppings) and basically wash away all the cockroaches trails and scents. This may help scatter them a little.

Next up, lay traps. every dead cockroach is a step in the right direction and I don’t like killing any animal so that is very hard for me to say!

A simple trap can be made by applying double-sided sticky tape to a piece of cardboard. Then apply a piece of yummy cockroach food in the middle. A piece of potato covered in sugar should work fine! This trap will lure them onto a sticky surface that they cannot remove themselves from.

Another simple trap can be made by cutting a plastic bottle in half, filling it with a little cola or sugary liquid and then covering the exposed inside edge with petroleum jelly or cooking oil. Put this trap next to a wall where the cockroaches are known to hang around and hopefully a few of them will come down to the sweet watering holed and not be able to make their way out.

Now you have the trapping under control you need to deal with the nests themselves.

A lot of commercial baits are available but there are some awesome cheap homemade versions available that have worked more than adequately for me.

As I understand it, the baits work quite simply by not killing the cockroach on contact. The roach ingests or gets covered in the bait and then goes back to the nest. When in the nest the roach may walk the bait into the nest where other roaches will get it too. Feed the bait to the baby roaches. Or die from the bait and get eaten by the baby roaches (such lovely creatures!).

My favorite baits utilize the best cockroach killer than I know of, that is Boric Acid. It is very cheap, pretty safe for humans (don’t go eating it though) and pets and extremely easy to use. In the next part of the series I will go into the details of using Boric Acid to get rid of roaches in your home.

Cockroach Control– 7 part Series

  1. Cockroach Infestation
  2. Types of Cockroaches
  3. How to Kill Roaches
  4. How To Get Rid of Roaches – This Post
  5. Boric Acid, Roaches
  6. Where to Buy Boric Acid
  7. Cockroach Control, Other Tips and Tricks

Thanks for reading, please leave any comments you have or questions below – How To Get Rid of Roaches

How to Kill Roaches

How to Kill Roaches – Welcome to Part 3 in our 7 part Cockroach Control on a budget series.

No doubt if you see a cockroach your first reaction is to stamp on it…. Well don’t!

How to Kill Roaches

I can’t 100% verify that it’s true but to be on the safe side it’s best not to stamp on cockroaches because some species carry the egg sacks with them. If you stamp on them you could possibly spread the eggs around and have more hatch.

So how do you kill them?

The quickest and probably most expensive method is a can of cockroach or suitable bug spray. Many people suggest RAID. Simple keep spraying the animal until it dies and then carefully scoop it up in a paper towel and dispose of it.

How to Kill Roaches
How to Kill Roaches - Source:

Other methods that may not always work but are at least cheap and green include.

Soap… Fill a spray bottle with soap and water then spray the beast. The soap theoretically covers the roaches pores leaving it unable to breathe. This is a pretty sad way to kill an animal as it effectively drowns to death, I know you probably don’t consider insects fully aware animals but it still consumes me with some level of guilt!

Washing Up Liquid. Like soap but stronger, just squirt it with a glob of washing up liquid and wait for it to die. Maybe a bit quicker than soap so mildly more humane!

Baking Soda. Again just cover it with baking soda and it should dry the thing up and kill it.

All pretty brutal and in some ways cruel but it could be considered necessary if you are going to rid your home of roaches and keep an infestation at bay.

Now that you have killing part down pat it’s time for a long term eradication plan, you need to approach the whole problem and keep at it until the roaches are no longer being seen in your home and you can rest for a while. The next part in the series talks a little more about this.

Cockroach Control– 7 part Series

  1. Cockroach Infestation
  2. Types of Cockroaches
  3. How to Kill Roaches – This Post
  4. How To Get Rid of Roaches
  5. Boric Acid, Roaches
  6. Where to Buy Boric Acid
  7. Cockroach Control, Other Tips and Tricks

How many times have you had to kill a cockroach and did it bother you at all? Did you use a spray, the stamping method or some other way? I know some people seem to enjoy the torture method but something tells me this doesn’t exactly teach the insect world any lessons!  – How to Kill Roaches