Cheap remodeling ideas

Cheap remodeling ideasHome improvements are something you are always likely to be thinking about and drumming up some cheap remodelling ideas can be a great way to spend some of your time and hopefully increase the value of your home.

You have to be careful though whenever the word cheap is involved as quality speaks so you have to make sure that cheap does not equate poor quality when remodelling your home.

Cheap remodeling ideas

As you don’t want to compromise quality the best cheap remodelling ideas are ones that you can do yourself or with just professional advice, easy reversal of what you have done is helpful too. Smashing 3 rooms together with a seldge hammer and then realising it was a bad idea is not what we are thinking here!


Although not exactly a remodel I always advise this as a place to start. A quality paint job can change a home a hell of a lot and can be done yourself or for the cost of a few crates of beer. When painting you need to try and few colors in test patches (you can get test batches from the store) and then make sure you pick a color you will be happy with before buying the bulk. It’s essential you apply smooth even coats and work hard on doing a slow methodical and clean job. A bad new¬†paint job is worse than having an old one!

Refinishing furniture

If you have old furniture then rather than buying new it’s much cheaper to sand down and refinish wood, possibly get any fabric re-upholstered (may need a professional here) and sometimes repainting. The furniture is an essential part of any rooms look and feel.

New lights and fixtures

It’s all in the details and that is where lighting and fixtures come in. Installing new lights can enhance the mood of your home dramatically. For a kitsch feel you can look through thrift stores for antique style lights and fixtures or buy very nice clean modern pieces at an excellent price at places like Ikea. Remember any work with electrics should be done with professional supervision at least.

The garden

Many homes are designed so that you can see the garden from multiple rooms. Think of your garden as being a kind of painting and redesign it to look good from in looking out as well as in out looking in. The easiest option is to grow beds of plants and vegetables with a big lawn relaxing area to create bight colors and a nice open space but you may also want some landscaping done if you have the space available.

Good luck in your cheap home remodelling efforts and please give us your thoughts in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Cheap remodeling ideas”

  1. I would also ad:
    Changing photos in framing. Seems stupid, but can change the mood of a room.
    Changing furniture’s position. Cost nothing, but changing a bed’s orientation for example gives you a new look.

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