Creative ways to save money

Thanks to Adrian Rodriguez for today’s guest post in conjunction with Chime. Adrian Rodriguez is a freelance writer who lives up to the stereotype of a broke university student. However, this won’t be true forever, especially with all these creative tools under his belt.

In this economy, everyone is looking for places to make even the smallest of savings. A few cents here and there can combine to make hefty savings that can be put towards debt repayment, a new car or a holiday. Whatever your reason for being frugal, there are always new ways to save money to discover, and here are just five.

Be a guinea pig for an aspiring professional

Go to your local dental, hairdressing or cosmetology school and see if they have any discounted rates. Allowing yourself to be experimented on by a newbie hairdresser might sound terrifying, but you’re usually in good hands. The apprentices are always supervised and their supervisors will step in if they feel it’s necessary. You can save a lot of money by using these services which are sometimes totally free.

I’ll trade you a sheep for a wheat…

sheep chewing grassBarter isn’t something that only takes place in the Settlers of Catan board game. More and more, people are beginning to trade things they own that are obsolete for things they need. It used to be that you could organise a meet and swap with some friends, who’d each bring clothes they were tired of or appliances they never used and would trade with each other. But now, thanks to the wonderful invention of the internet, bartering is even easier.

Buy in bulk

Not the biggest kept secret in the world, buying in bulk is something every household should be doing to save up some much needed cash. Head to food markets and outlet stores with a group of friends and buy everything in big bulks. Once you’re done shopping, take your four trolleys that have been filled to the point of almost overflowing and divide the produce and bill amongst your group members. You can potentially save hundreds if you do it right.

Online coupons

If you’re a frequent online shopper, then you know the all too familiar feeling of shame and remorse after an online spending spree. ‘It’s an addiction, and you can’t help it,’ you tell yourself after looking at your balance and seeing $400 gone in a matter of seconds and a few clicks. Well, there are ways to save money online as well. Ever wondered what the ‘insert coupon code’ was actually for instead of just skimming over it in your shopping frenzy? Lots of sites offer coupons for members of their newsletter or subscribing to a sponsor that can get you huge savings online. is a good place to start for those new to this concept.

Good old fashioned savings accounts and superfunds

Not the most original idea in the world, but making a small deposit every week into a savings account will be incredibly helpful. You won’t miss $40 out of your pay check every week, and if you do the maths, $40 every week for, let’s say 50 weeks, comes down to $2000 a year – plenty for a yearly holiday. Invest in a managed superfund with a company like Clime for longer term savings and accumulate a nice mound of cash for retirement – just make sure to discuss measuring return on equity first before you leap in.

6 thoughts on “Creative ways to save money”

    1. That’s a great idea for women’s (or long haired men’s) cuts but yeah for short hair a local barber is often cheapest. Or learn to do it yourself :)

  1. I have done a few of these things myself. The bartering has only worked well with other family members. Wonderful ways to save money.

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