Driving stereotypes – which one are you?

This is a guest post, my thoughts are added at the end.

It’s hard not to stereotype people on the road. We all do it, but it’s not just us. Sometimes when we look for a motor insurance quote online we get stereotyped too. What’s your age? Sex? How long have you been driving? That kind of thing. We can’t but fail to be put into a group. But that’s for the official statisticians. What about the unofficial groups you see on the road?

New Dad

He yearns for the days when he could cruise around in his Audi TT. Maybe even that Porsche that he dreamed of while spending his teenage years engrossed in Top Gear Magazine and the ten minute Television X preview. Now the sprogs have dropped and it’s a Volvo estate all the way. Bad times.

Boy Racer

You can hear them from miles away. If not by the twin exhaust dragging on the floor behind the Vauxhall Nova with the Technics sticker in the back, it’s by the thud of the sub woofer in the boot drowning out the tinny speed garage or drum and bass which causes the occupants heads to bob in unison. No we don’t want a race. And yes your car does stink of your “home-grown herbs”.

Midlife crisis

Picture the thought process. “I’ve seen those girls in the lads’ mags, draping themselves over sports cars. Girls like cars. Even though I’m a balding middle aged man, if I buy one they’ll like me. My life is boring. Job, kids, wife. I fancy me a bit of that”. It’s not going to work. Remember, that bit where you said you were a balding middle aged man? Yeah, that’s the important bit.

BMW man

Just because you drive a BMW, doesn’t mean you don’t have to queue up in a car park, or can push in at the lights. We know, you’re busy listening to the Lighthouse Family and don’t have time to wait around like the rest of us. Sorry.

Footballer’s wife

Sorry we forgot you needed a massive 4×4 to drop your kids off at school. A pink Range Rover you say? Very nice.

The distracter

Some people just don’t have enough hours in the day. Not enough time to catch up with their friends on the phone or put their make-up on at home. These pioneers of time saving like to combine these tasks while driving. Well done you guys, why haven’t we thought of that?

Thoughts from Forest: It can be fun to stereotype and there is nothing wrong with laughing at yourself but we have to be careful about judgement of others. Sadly for data perspectives insurance companies / banks and other financial institutions seem to be allowed to stereotype which just about amounts to discrimination if you want to think of it in an extreme way! Imagine a bakery charged a skinny guy twice as much for a cake because they were not likely to be coming back to the bakery as often! Sadly we can’t stop or control these things. If we fit into a certain bracket of age, race, socio-economic standing we will be labelled ‘boy racer’, ‘soccer mom’ and such things but companies running statistics to improve their profits. The easy way out is something I always preach and that is getting less dependency on such institutions. By not having a car you won’t need insurance. By not having a loan you won’t go through the ordeal of being denied, etc etc!

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