Free Printable Coloring Pages

printable coloring pagesI used to love coloring as a kid so downloading some free printable coloring pages is an excellent idea to keep the kids occupied on a long trip or even just a quiet day at home.

Coloring pens or pencils can be picked up from the 1$ store and this simple activity could keep them entertained literally for days…. well if your kids are anything like I was anyway! It’s also worth investing in a black pen/felt tip (also from the dollar store) so your kids or even a board adult can add more detail or objects to the printed coloring pages you downloaded.

Where to get Free Printable Coloring Pages?

If you type “free printable coloring pages” into Google you get a ton of results. On the front page there are some great sites and an absolute mass of images for you to find. All the sites seem to have advertisements so just avoid these and download the images by following the instructions. I don’t advise you to download images from anywhere that asks you to download software or give any personal details, also be weary of virus’s.

The top Google result for me was and I went and checked them out. They have advertising but on the whole they were very easy to navigate with over 2100 pages in many subjects from animals, cars, landscapes and more!

A few other tips….

When you print these images they often have thick black lines. So if you are not careful you could spend way too much on ink printing these and completely blow the point of downloading free images as opposed to buying a coloring book! You can check out my post “Save Money On Printing” for a few economical printing tips.

It’s also advisable that you print your downloaded free printable coloring pages on the back of some misprints… never throw these away! If you have been printing on economy settings the ink from one side is also unlikely to show through.

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    1. Certainly some online coloring would be great whilst at home (although it’s not always good for the kids to stare at screens too much).

      Things like the iPad may make taking coloring and education games on the road much more easier and fun (although not frugal)

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