Get in on the Debt Movement: Help make it possible to pay off $10,000,000 in 90 days

$10,000,000 is a lot of debt but it’s a fly in the sky compared to the billions of debt out there in the big bad world. Still, $10 million in 90 days is no small task but we must remember that strength in numbers makes things a lot more achievable and that’s where the Debt Movement comes in.

What is the Debt Movement?

The Debt Movement is a new community created by none other than Jeff Rose of Good Financial Cents in partnership with ReadyForZero.

It has a simple goal and that is for it’s members to band together in one strong unit to pay off $10,000,000 of debt in 90 days. As the site says though:

“The number $10,000,000 is just that – a number.   Whether we hit our goal or not is irrelevant.  What is relevant is that we give you the tools and resources you need to succeed.”

Starting today, 2nd January 2013, the movement is live and looking for members to join in, get on board to help the challenge and get this goal beat down.

To help along scholarships are being offered and it’s going to make a big bang on the net. This post is going to be just one fragment of a debt busting explosion.

Here is Jeff explaining the movement:


How can you get involved?

So, you have debt and you want to get involved and onboard? Join the community, log your debt and your progress and get going. Here is how you can do that:


The Movement is going to be awesome and I am proud to be helping promote such a good cause.

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