Great Gifts for Less Than $10

Great Gifts for Less Than $10

With the holidays swiftly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your gift budget. Often times you feel obligated to get gifts for friends and distant relatives, even though you can’t really afford to. Luckily there are plenty of inexpensive, thoughtful gifts out there.

Whether you’re looking for a little something for your neighbors, your office Secret Santa or just a friend I’ve compiled a list of great gifts, all of which don’t cost more than $10. I feel as though the following ideas are all gifts that don’t come across as cheap but rather kind and fun presents.

Remember, no matter how small the gift– it’s an expression of love and friendship. If you’re feeling as though your gift just comes across as a low price tag, make sure you articulate your real feelings in a thoughtful card.

I know I’d appreciate any of the list below.

Great Gifts for Less Than $10

Check out the following suggestions for great holiday gifts that are less than $10!

A Teapot with Tea.

Amsterdam Teapots starting $4.24, this colorful fun 2-cup teapots are a great gift. Pair it with a nice box of tea.

A Scarf.

Winter is here and everyone needs to stay warm. Whether you decide to go knit or pashmina (there are plenty of nice, knockoffs for less than $10) it’s a gift that most people will enjoy.

Gourmet Coffee.

A pound of good coffee is a great gift for any caffeine junkie. If you’ve got a bit of cash left over, why not pair it with a mug?


I love nice shampoo and many people would enjoy a fun, nice brand that they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. You can also consider making homemade coconut shampoo as holiday gifts this year.

Manicure Kit.

Put together some fun colored nail polish, emery boards, etc.

Craft Beer/Growler.

For those of you aren’t family with beer culture, a growler is a refillable glass jug that many breweries/brewpubs accept to fill with fresh beer. Get some fun beers for someone who know loves a good pint.

Swiss Army Knife.

Super handy, there are loads of affordable Swiss army knives on Ebay and Amazon for less than $10.

A Book.

Nowadays there are plenty of e-books that are super affordable to download. But even if you want something to wrap, there’s nothing like the gift of a great read. Even if it’s used, people always appreciate books.

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Great Gifts for Less Than $10
Great Gifts for Less Than $10

Great Gifts for Less Than $10

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