Healthy Cheap Chili Sauce, Kebab Shop Style

I love chillies, so at the market the other day when I saw a huge kilo of red chillies for one English pound I had to buy them, it was a steal! Of course a kilo of chillies isn’t easy to use up and it was the latest in chilli purchase in what may possibly be becoming an addiction, I know it’s not frugal but I may be addicted to buying chillies!!! Anyway, the frugal thing is to make sure they get used….

The other day I had a hummus plate at a kebab shop. Hummus, pita, cabbage and salad smothered in kebab shop chilli sauce. Since then I have been making a similar meal for lunch at home with healthy ingredients, of course I have been missing the kebab shop style chilli sauce.

So, with an abundance of chilli there was only one thing for it! I wanted to create a kebab shop style healthy sauce. This is what I came up with.

Ingredients: Makes about a small take-out carton of sauce.

  • 14 medium heat red chillies – This may vary depending on strength of the chillies.
  • 2 Medium red onions
  • 4 Cloves of garlic
  • 1 can / carton chopped tomatoes
  • Salt for taste
  • Water

chilli sauce ingredients


Chop everything into small pieces, this could also be done in a food processer. I kept the garlic chunky but it could also be crushed.

chilli sauce ingredients chopped

Heat a pan to medium heat, put all ingredients in at the same time. To keep the sauce healthier I skipped the oil, there is a little natural oil in the chillies.

fresh ingredients in pan

Cook for a few minutes until everything softens.

chilli sauce ingredients softened

Once softened add the tomatoes, add a little salt to taste. Keep cooking and add water when sauce becomes dry, the ingredients will start to break down into a mushy sauce consistency. The sauce can be ready in 15mins but stew up to 1 hour, remember to add water throughout cooking, for a better sauce (in my opinion).

chilli sauce ready

And there you go! I ate some there and then and let the rest cool to store in the fridge. It should last a good few days and would also do fine frozen.

So now I can have my healthy lunch salad kebab with homemade flatbreads, homemade hummus and heaps of chilli sauce. Yum!

Let me know if you try this recipe or have something similar.

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