Highest paying part time jobs

highest paying part time jobsNot all part time jobs are created and all though many of them offer minimum wage because they are angled at unqualified workers or students looking to grab a little extra cash that does not mean that big earning opportunities are not out there. The highest paying part time jobs may also be the toughest to get so it can take some persistance but it’s worthwhile for a number of reasons.

The reasons you need a part time job obviously factor in. If you are looking to reduce your hours to look after kids or just because you want less stress in life then that means you are available for day gigs. If you have week nights free but not weekends this can affect opportunities too.

A few of my favorite highest paying part time jobs

The job you already have – You may already have a high paying job and it may have part time opportunities available. Cutting your hours may still bring you enough income with some budgeting and free up bucket loads of time. If you are looking for extra hours then you may be able to get a similar job at another company for the weekends or some evening shifts.

Professional consultancy – Consultants can pretty much charge what they like as it’s generally a free lance gig. Many consultants do it a a side job and often charge $70-$300 per hour for various professional business consulting. You may be very well qualified to consult in your area of expertise and all it could take is presenting yourself in the right light to the right people.

Waiting tables or the bar – Being a waiter or bar person is very low pay from the base rate (often well below minimum wage) but working at a busy establishment on some strategic nights can draw in quite a payload. I have never worked this position in America but have had friends regularly report $200-$300 shifts. Obviously this wildly varies place to place so you may have to skip around a bit or even obtain certain qualifications.

Pizza delivery – Delivering pizza does not have a good rep as a high paying job. Pizza costs next to nothing now and the restaurant pay is pretty darn low. However a great blogger Jeff at Deliver Away Debt got the idea of delivering Pizza from the Dave Ramsey show and grabbed a job that same day. He doesn’t deliver anymore but regularly reported massive earning weekends, often more than many earn in their full time gigs.

Medical trials - This is obviously a risky job at times but that’s why it pays well. I have met people who traveled the world on the earnings they made from participating in medical trials. People have died from the riskier mega paying trials so I would always suggest taking the lowest risk ones but even they pay a reasonable rate.

What have you done or what do you suggest? - I just gave a few simple job ideas that can be very well paid but I want to hear more suggestions from you. I am sure you guys have tried an amazing variety of part time jobs.

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