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I have been very successfully Working Out At Home now for over 2 months. I feel great and so does my wallet! So I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at some Home Fitness Exercise Equipment that you can use to get a full workout in the comfort of your own home. This post will be in 2 parts, firstly looking at some of the affordable commercial options and then going Ghetto style and looking at objects that are probably already floating around your home that can help you get to the fitness level that you want.

Commercial Home Fitness Exercise Equipment

The following links for each product point to Amazon and may offer me a small commission.

Pull Up Bar

Even if you are not working out to beef up I think this is an essential bit of kit in your home workout arsenal. I have a more simple bar than the one shown on the left but I wish I had gone for the one with the bells and whistles…. still the simple one does wonders. It’s in a convenient doorway and I use it for many of my workouts plus it’s always there so often I pull off a few pull ups just when I walk past. A little upper body strength can help all areas of fitness and my running always benefited from a little strength training.

Fitness Ball

Fitness balls are quite simply awesome. They can be simply used for balance exercises, tons of stomach exercises and can even replace the need for a weights bench. You can also throw them around and bounce them like a basketball when bored :)! Anyway they are great because they require balance when being used for every exercise which means that even simple stomach crunches will help your entire core strength.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are light to carry, small to store and can easily be used in place of a set of dumb bells. Basically they are strong rubber bands that can be held in place with your feet or using a door attachment. When you pull on them they offer resistance which works your body in a similar way to lifting a large weight. I don’t currently use these at home because I couldn’t buy them locally and I am currently in Egypt so Amazon does not ship here. The great thing about them is that just a few bands can simulate an entire set of dumb bells that could set you back $100’s!

Yoga Matt

I exercised for a while without a mat and I was getting all sorts of back and knee pains, even though I was on carpet. Simply put, a mat is essential for floor exercises and stretching. If you buy nothing else, buy a mat for the sack of your back!

An extra thick yoga mat should give you an adequate amount of protection and allow you to concentrate on the exercise and not avoiding injury.

Other commercial equipment to consider…

The 4 pieces I mentioned above are a great start and you can certainly use them to exercise your entire body but there are a few other things that may be worth considering.

If you can’t get outside to run too easily then definitely consider a Jump Rope
. You can watch TV and skip through the entire thing and get an awesome cardiovascular workout.

Ankle and wrist weights are great for giving any cardio or jump training an extra kick and calorie burn.

Home Fitness Exercise Equipment Ghetto Style!

What I mean by Ghetto is basically just using what you have around you. I myself use a mixture of commercial equipment and stuff I already have lying round the house.

Instead of weights: One of the biggest ways to increase strength and muscle mass is to simply provide some resistance. You don’t necessarily need fancy expensive weight sets. Just grab anything to hand that can easily be held and will not break. For light weight cans of beans or soup work perfectly. If you need something heavier then a large plastic bottle filled with water, sand or earth may provide you what you need. Some of the very large bottles even have handles that could be padded up a bit, although they may be prone to breaking.

Multi purpose uses for a chair: A lot of exercises actually call for the use of a chair already and as far as I know there are no *special* chairs made for exercise. Any old wooden chair will do if you don’t mind it getting a few drips of sweat on it but a vinyl covered chair may be better for some things. It just needs to be strong enough to take your weight. Chairs can be used as makeshift benches for flys and back and upper body workouts. They are excellent for tricep dips, incline push ups and john claude van damme style chair splits (ok I can’t do this and never will be able to!!).

Pillows: A pillow can be quite versatile. They can simply be used for cushioning your back or neck in strenuous exercise or standing on for balance exercises. Standing on a pillow while lifting weight or doing squats can improve balance and ankle / core strength.

Your Body: If you don’t have access to anything else then you likely have access to your own body! There are an absolute ton of very effective exercises that can be performed using the weight and bulk of your own body to improve both strength and cardio. I personally do a lot of push ups, crunches and yoga, which is all very very effective.

I hope you enjoyed the article and please let me know if you have any other ideas or do anything that I have not mentioned….. Now go do some exercise :).

Ok, a disclaimer as I have to with stuff that could potentially hurt you! This article is opinion and I cannot be held responsible for mis-information or anything that leads to personal damage. Just use common sense and work out responsibly. Also always ask a doctor before taking on a new exercise regime.

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4 thoughts on “Home Fitness Exercise Equipment”

  1. Keeping fit from home can be quite difficult if you are not a motivated person and you need company. Of course when you first start off at home think about the above options. Simple stretching together with some cardio exercises like walking or swimming are a great combination. Get yourself a yoga video and follow along too. That fitness ball is a fantastic tool for developing inner core muscles and if you can get a pilates book or video to teach you some new techniques on how to use it, then get it. The hardest part is sticking with your plan. Perhaps find a training partner to be accountable too or record your daily activities in a diary.
    .-= Kirst@RowingMachinesForSale´s last blog ..Concept ii Rower =-.

  2. The best investment for someone just looking to get fitter and healthier is definitely the stability ball. It can be used to train every muscle group and it can be used to improve your cardiovascular condition. Add in the resistance tubes and you’ve got all you need. Of course if you have higher reaching goals you’ll need to better equip you home gym.
    .-= Aaron´s last blog ..Health and Fitness Tips We Can Learn from Wildlife =-.

  3. @Krist, I agree totally. I tried to work out from home many times and was not successful, then I followed for 3 months with p90x and I stuck to it! I think having a plan is vital.

    @Aaron, The thing I love about the ball is it can be used so versitile and also works as a good replacement for a weights bench in some instances, which is a pricey bit of kit…

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