How To Deal With Missing Out!

We often decide to be frugal for a few reasons. These can include wanting to lessen our impact on the world, learning to be happy with less and probably the most popular reason, to save money!

Part of budgeting and saving money will lead to times when you will feel that you are missing out.

It may be a weekend trip with your buddies or waiting for the latest blockbuster to rear it’s head on DVD. There are a lot of things that you may miss out on and it can be demoralising, depressing and feel totally unfair.

If you straight up don’t have the cash it can be tempting to use credit cards, if you are saving for something bigger it can be tempting to eat into those savings. However if you rationally deal with the emotional side of missing out you may find yourself being able to fend off the spending urges.

Make sure your budget does have some ‘fun’ built in. Even if it’s having your pals over for a potluck once per month or going to the park to play football. Make sure social time is built in but be budget conscious.

Also make sure everyone knows why you are on such a heavy budget, it may change their plans and they may work harder to do things that can accomodate everyone.

If you know something bigger and better is coming up and you miss out of the little things then focus on that big thing and make sure you are budgeting for that. Goals make it easier to focus so make sure you have them!

At the end of the day we all miss out on something every now and then and that is a reality of life. Your future will be better if you get your stuff together now and stop making excuses as to why you are spending all your money and not making progress with savings or debt payments.

Good luck and please take the time to comment.

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