How to Identify Inappropriate Workplace Behavior

Work is something that many of us feel forced to do. We probably would chose to work if anything was available but all too often we find ourselves working a job that we don’t quite like and often part of that dislike is related to the attitudes and actions of our colleagues.

Much like in the playground bullying, power struggles, belittling and other inappropriate activities take place and it is so normalised that at times terrible things happen and no one batters an eye-lid.

I don’t think this is right and in my honest opinion if anyone is left feeling upset or uncomfortable by unneeded actions of someone else then this counts as inappropriate.

So how do we first go about recognising inappropriate workplace behavior and two start doing something about it.

office workersThe recognition  to me, is simple but you just have to step back and take a look. You may realise that you have even been involved, maybe joking about a colleagues physical atributes, bullying someone about their love life, maybe this has been done all in ‘good fun’. Of course if there is a genuine understanding between all those involved then there may be some give or take but in my eyes the best option for everyone is to avoid this kind of talk and bravado. If something is said or done behind someone’s back then it is always inappropriate. Uf someone is upset in any way shape or form then it is always inappropriate. Don’t go with the flow and continue the bullying, the ‘oh they are just over sensitive’ route. It doesn’t matter what or who someone is, they don’t deserve to be knocked down.

Competition and group mentality causes much of the behavior and often it’s even facilitated by those higher in management who may have risen to certain positions because of their inappropriate and bullying ways.

The only way to stop it is confrontation and strength on your part. If it is happening to you then you have every right to lodge formal complaints. If it is happening to others then speak up and stand there for support, show them that you will stand with them.

Sometimes just making people aware of what is happening and what they are doing will make them realise it’s wrong and they will stop. Sometimes it will amplify and get worse and you will have to take official channels to lodge complaints, hold meetings and get a new culture of love and encouragement instilled.

Any sensible business will see that by improving culture people will stay longer, teams will strengthen and the business will grow strong and stable.

If all else fails and there are people getting hurt then you may have to take things beyond the company. has links to various resources for everyone but you may ave to go to a lawyer and look at the possibilities of legal action. The path you have taken may have put you in a vulnerable position but to my knowledge you can’t be fired for such things. Of course your other work may be under higher scrutiny and you may have to be prepared to be pulled up in that case as a kind of revenge.

Don’t ever back down and fight for a better and healthier work environment.

Have you experienced work place bullying, inappropriate behavior or anything related? Have you been a part of it? Did it get resolved and do you have any stories to share?

Thanks for reading.


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