How to REALLY save money on your utility billsHow to REALLY save money on your utility bills

How to REALLY save money on your utility bills

No matter how much money you have I am sure cutting down on bills of all kinds is often a topic you think about. Bills are a pain in the behind and the less they can impact our bank balance the better we can feel. Any good saver will tell you that reducing outgoings makes everything a whole lot easier.

How to REALLY save money on your utility billsHow to REALLY save money on your utility billsAs much as everyone wants to save money on their utilities there is also a lot of advice out there telling people how to do it. That advice is normally spot on but is repeated over and over again.

Don’t get me wrong, it is all very important and correct advice. You should compare your current utility bill provider with others. You should make sure appliances are turned off when not in use (TVs should not be left on standby). Getting into more details, installing good quality insulation will keep your home warmer, unplugging everything at night will save a few more pennies and the list of sound advice goes on and on.

Let’s face it, you already know most of this. So what on earth is stopping you from putting it into practice? Of course like most of these things it is you, you feel like you don’t have the time one evening, the next you have no energy, the next you are out with friends and too busy to bother.

Routine and mindset are needed and you should schedule and unbreakable meeting with yourself and anyone else in the household to sit down and finally get a structure together. With a structure and regular reviews your tiny efforts will have more meaning. At each review you can see the savings and it’ll spur you on to work a bit better in some areas. It’s just like cutting fat from your body, you and your efforts are the things that will make it work.

There are things that will keep it on track. Even if it is the same stuff being said over and over do keep reading “How To Save On Utility Bills” posts, do keep talking about it with friends and encourage them to do the same and do keep a check in on yourself. Just keep on setting realistic goals and keep pushing ahead.

So what needs to be done at this first meeting?

I would start quite practically with the simple thing which is of course checking up on your providers. You’ll find plenty of comparison sites online.

Next up you need to address energy sucks you really can cut down now. Examples include putting blocks of utilities on to extension cords so you can unplug in one go at night or just be vigilant about doing it one at a time, make sure the oven door stays closed, you put a sweater on before turning up the heating etc etc etc.

Then there are long term plans that at least need to be discussed. This could be solar heating, some energy production, replacing old energy sucking fridges and such things that take money (no instant savings).

Work out how to keep yourself accountable. The simplest way is to study your bills each month and enter energy usage, cost etc into a spreadsheet. Once a month should be perfect to measure progress.

I believe almost all problems can be solved with mindset. We all have a lot of knowledge in our heads but often lack the push to put it to use!

Now, over to you, do you agree / disagree where I am coming from? Is there anything important to add or do you have any other comments?

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