I’m Fine, Thanks: My Review

This is a movie about the moment people realize the life they’re living is not the life that’s true to their heart… and, as a result, what they decide to do about it!

When I read those words on the I’m Fine, Thanks Kickstarter page I knew I had to help back it. Of course this kind of thing resonates and along with 4,476 others the movie was able to raise $116,164 ($16,164 over it’s goal) in order to be completed and unleash itself on the world.

The idea of being able to follow your dreams, not the steady job and house and 2.5 kids American Dream, and leave the expected life behind is certainly one many of us aspire to but many of us are scared to even begin to try and follow.

I’m Fine, Thanks has a simple goal, to inspire you to do what you want to in life. As a message to his children new film maker Grant Peelle decided to finally pursue a lifelong dream after years of following a mediocre set script life. This movie is him following that dream and finding others who have struggled with the set script and have or will be following their dreams too.

A road trip across the States and a cast of characters helps hammer the message person after person that you can jump off the tracks and run down the banks, swim in the open rivers and fall off the waterfalls, run against the traffic and do what you want to do.

As someone who has taken their own path and feels they have marched to the beat of their own drum I enjoyed the movie. It felt a little like it was talking about me. I downsized, gave up a high profile job and traveled, I made my own career online and I continue to try and do life the way I want to do it. It’s nice to see others talking about the same thing.

We get to meet a couple who live in a tiny home, a man who set-up a Yoga practise after 9/11 in lower Manhattan, a few bloggers including Pat Flynn, Matt Jabs (and his wife) and JD Roth, Steve behind Nerd Fitness, a women who got back to the sport that made her deaf and many others.

The movie is beautifully shot, takes us on an inspiring arch and aims to make us believe. I already believe but I applaud the movie and know it will inspire many more to look at their life and try and ask what really matters to them.

Of course in the name of this being a review and not a simple praise for everything I did feel the movie had a few downsides and I should share them.

First off the movie formula is becoming a little cliché. Man comes on camera, talks about his life, the life he wants for his kids, it slips into a little down patch and then presents an uplifting finish. We saw it with Kony 2012 recently in the mainstream and I have been coming across it in many other documentaries. It’s a great formula though but a formula that is becoming thin none the less.

Secondly, one area I really felt the movie lacked in was variation of circumstance. In almost everyone interviewed their story kind of went the same. Something along the lines of 1) Got a great job earning loads of cash, 2) start to hate that life and feel they are following the script, 3) give up and follow a dream. In all cases I felt like these people had endured the hardships of following the path but had the cash to leave their life behind. It didn’t focus on people who were growing up in real hardship, having trouble paying the bills (except in the case of Beth Zare) and people who had did not fit the standard middle class American cliché. Sadly not everyone has that cookie cutter middle class life but of course everyone wants to follow their dreams.

This movie should be watched and you will finish it feeling warm and fuzzy and hopefully inspired if you are not working to live life your way. Hearing the stories of others is always great and I commend Grant, Baker and the team for not only completing their goal of making a movie but showing us that it can be done.

Now we just need to hope that everyone doesn’t give up following the path and follow their dreams at the same time! Who will sell our houses, represent us in court, bake our bread, teach our children and help society function if that happens?

I’d love to know what you thought if you get a chance to see the movie. You can get more on the movie by visiting the I’m Fine Thanks Facebook Page.

Also what dreams do you have for your life and how are you planning on pursuing them?

6 thoughts on “I’m Fine, Thanks: My Review”

  1. I agree with the cliche feel to some of the aspects of the movie. And I also agree that the people chosen seem to have the money to be able to be able to down size and survive without fear of missing a paycheck. But even with all that the movie still spoke to me in terms of, am I really happy where an at in my life. It certainly got me and my wife talking about what is really important in our lives and what are we doing to pursuit that happiness.

    I can’t remember the ladies name but she had the coolest metaphor in the movie. She said something like, “It’s like you climbing the ladder to the top only to realize you’ve been climbing up the wrong wall.”

  2. Thanks for the review. I’m interested to see it, but I agree that a lot of these films are cookie cutter in how it’s progresses, and how the stories are the same. I know sometimes even the dreams you try fail and you have to go back to something you didn’t like to pay the bills. I’ve been there. Not to say you shouldn’t try, but those aren’t the stories you are going to hear about…doesn’t make a good film.
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