“Jobs That Pay $75,000 a Year”

“Jobs That Pay $75,000 a Year” – $75k a year is a pretty decent salary. Most small families could live off of that, save for retirement and not suffer at all! If fact 7$0-$75K is seen as the comfort zone for happiness, at least according to some surveys done over the last few years. So, if you wanted this kind of comfort what job would you have to do to get this kind of cash?

“Jobs That Pay $75,000 a Year”

But of course $75,000 is a large salary, not something you will get for serving at a gas station or any number of other low-wage jobs. Most $75k jobs are qualified jobs that require some certification and a few years in the field. However these are not way out there careers and if you want them they are certainly up for grabs.

So what jobs are we actually talking about here? Let’s take a look at some.

Financial examiner
What they do: Financial examiners oversee compliance with laws governing financial institutions and transactions. They are responsible for reviewing balance sheets, assessing bank management and evaluating the risk levels of loans.

Health and safety engineer
What they do: These engineers develop systems and procedures that prevent sickness or injury and keep property from being damaged. In this job, workers ensure that chemicals, machinery, software and other products won’t cause harm or injury to people or structures. Having a background in both systems engineering and health/safety is important.

What they do: Hydrologists study water and the water cycle. They use their expertise to solve problems of water quality or availability. They spend their time in the field on assignment or in an office or laboratory.

Information security analystWeb developer and computer network architect
What they do: These workers use information technology in different ways to help a company achieve its goals. Security analysts help prevent cyberattacks that might compromise a company’s information. Web developers create websites for companies or other entities. Computer network architects create internal networks used by workers within an organization.

Medical scientist
What they do: Medical scientists conduct research to help improve overall human health. Clinical trials and other investigative methods are commonly used to help in their findings.

Physical therapist
What they do: Physical therapists help people with injuries and illnesses regain and improve movement. They also help with pain management. These therapists are also an important part of the rehabilitation and treatment of patients with chronic conditions.

Radiation therapist
What they do: Radiation therapists treat cancer and other diseases in patients via radiation treatments. They usually work in hospitals or cancer treatment centers.

Source: MSN

Yes, medical rules! That makes sense as it’s an important but also big and at least in the USA extremely profitable industry. To go to school here you may need to get into huge debt, that has to be weighed into the decision! However computer related jobs and things like health and safety are more within the realms of thise who don’t want huge debts their whole lives!

Green is growing too, with more and more jobs in the field and if you have the gift of the gab then there may always be a place for you in the highly competitive world of sales!

Do you work in any of these fields? What other jobs should be on the list?

Thanks for reading.

– “Jobs That Pay $75,000 a Year”

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