Jobs that Help Pay off Student Loans

Jobs that Help Pay off Student Loans

Jobs that Help Pay off Student Loans – It’s no secret that student loans are difficult to pay off, but luckily for some there are jobs out there that can help.

The average American student graduates with over $25,000 in debt. With the job market being as difficult as it is, many Americans spend sleepless nights wondering how they’re going to pay off their loans.

Jobs that Help Pay off Student Loans

Certain jobs and volunteer programs, however, can help. Let’s take a look at some of the careers out there that will foot your tuition bill.


The American Military also offers Student Loan Repayment to qualified individuals in the Army, Navy and Air Force. Says

“Are you worried about paying off student loans? With the cost of a college education on the rise, many students and recent college graduates are finding themselves overwhelmed by debt. The Armed Forces can help you manage your college debt with special loan repayment programs for qualified students.”

Federal Jobs

The Federal Student Loan Repayment program pays back the loans of qualified government employees. Says the Government:

“This program allows individual federal agencies to establish loan repayment programs at their discretion as an incentive to recruit and retain highly-trained employees. 

If you are employed at a qualified federal agency, you may be eligible for up to $10,000 of federal student loan debt per employee per calendar year, with a cumulative maximum of $60,000 per employee; in return, you agree to work for the agency for at least three years.”

Health Care

The government is willing to pay for jobs in the healthcare if they meet specific conditions.

“Federal agencies and state governments will help pay off students loans for certain health care practitioners if they agree to practice in geographically or economically underserved communities for a certain length of time after they graduate.  The amount that you may be eligible for depends on a number of factors, including the agency where you work, the length of time you work there, and the types of loans you have.”


Teachers willing to extend their services to certain low-income areas of America may be qualified to have their loan debt forgiven through programs like Teach for America.

Also, people willing to volunteer for AmeriCorps or Peace Corps may be qualified to get their debt be paid off.

Jobs that Help Pay off Student Loans
Jobs that Help Pay off Student Loans

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Jobs that Help Pay off Student Loans

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