Least Expensive Cities in Canada

Least Expensive Cities in Canada – Canada is a huge country and price varies quite a bit city to city. Some cities tend to be more expensive for some things and cheaper than others so lifestyle plays hugely into how affordable a city actually is for you.

Least Expensive Cities in Canada

Least expensive cities in Canada
Least expensive cities in Canada

I used to live in Montreal. In the past I have seen it listed as one of the most expensive cities in the world, which I guess supposedly puts it high up in Canada but I actually found it very affordable. Real Estate is expensive and rental isn’t the cheapest but you can find affordable areas (see my thoughts on that here: Most Expensive Montreal Neighbourhoods) and cheap groceries. Of course the downtown is terribly expensive but they all are, right?

Anyway, sadly I have not been able to go and survey every city in Canada so thought we would share and take a look at a few other resources and see what they say.

Canada’s Least Expensive Cities to Buy a Home From WalletPop

In September 2011 WalletPop used data from the Canadian Real Estate Association to find out what they thought was the cheapest city to buy a home.

10. St. Catherines – October ’11: $243,103
9. London, ON – October ’11: $238,963
8. Sudbury, ON – October ’11: $237,072
7. Gatineau, QC – October ’11: $231,601
6. Sherbrooke, QC – October ’11: $217,007
5. Windsor-Essex ON – October ’11: $175,386
4. Saguenay, QC – October ’11: $174,653
3. Thunder Bay, ON – October ’11: $167,424
2. Saint John, NB – October ’11: $161,691
1. Trois Rivieres, QC – October ’11: $154,537

Source: WalletPop

Cheapest Big City in Canada according to CBC

In July 2011 CBC reported that Mercer had gathered data to suggest that Ottawa was the cheapest big city to live in, in Canada. The survey took into account the costs of housing, transport, food, clothing and entertainment. The original article can be read here. You can find out more about Mercer’s 2011 cost of living report from Mercer.

Generally I would think staying away from the big tourist and tech centres is going to correlate to cheaper living. It’s common sense really! Smaller cities can be cheaper but not too small as secluded areas may have trouble getting goods to them and that can raise prices! Each and every city has it’s own factors to consider.

Do you live in Canada? If so, what city do you live in and would you say it is one of the cheaper or more expensive Canadian cities to reside in?

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Thanks for reading, I look forward to your thoughts.

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