Mcdonalds workers wage theft

Mcdonalds workers wage theft – Lawsuits have been filed this week by workers in 3 states against Mcdonalds alleging the giant corp stole wages by forcing workers to work off the clock and not allowing them to take rightful rest breaks.

A total of 7 suits filed in New York, Michigan and California are being reviewed by the corp right now.

In some case it’s alleged workers were told to come to work and had to wait until there were enough customers before they started, in another said that time and cost for cleaning uniforms was not reimbursed.

Yahoo published that:

“These are the workers whom McDonald’s is deliberately and systematically denying pay,” Joseph Sellers, co-counsel in the lawsuits filed in California and New York, said on a media call. “These suits have been filed to stop the widespread wage theft.”

The lawyers are seeking class-action status in some of the suits against McDonald’s, saying employees were afraid to file the suits individually for fear of reprisals.

I don’t know the truth of these suits but I can say that people I have known to work at these kinds of jobs have undergone various demeaning acts at the hands of management so if this is true I hope the workers get what they deserve for standing up to the corp.

What do you think? Corporations should not be able to bully workers into doing things for free.

One thought on “Mcdonalds workers wage theft”

  1. If the company promised wages for that time and refused to pay, or if workers feel compelled on threat of losing their jobs, then they may be really in a pickle. If it wasn’t contracted for, then the company has no right to demand it for free. Otherwise, the argument risks turning into a populist-based one, where we have to stick it to the corp just cause they’re a corp.

    Disclaimer: I worked at mcd’s for a few months ages ago. I don’t remember doing unpaid work, but sometimes we did throw out trash or stuff after the clock was punched. It definitely was not a big part of time back then, though.

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