Online shopping apps for your smartphone

Online shopping apps for your smartphone – It’s easy to go a little app crazy when you first get your hand on a smartphone. I know I filled up all 32gb of my iPhone in a few days with random and almost totally useless apps. These days I run a much more streamlined phone!

Online shopping apps for your smartphone

Now, one thing where the apps are certainly not useless is for online shopping and the app experience on the phone can often be far better than trying to navigate their websites on your small screen. Some of these apps present the info so well you may not find a need to open up your laptop to do the job. It certainly makes things convenient.

I’m not going to delve too heavily into too many individual apps here because to be frank almost every service now has an app. Let’s just look at some of the areas where you may want to switch to an app over going to the store or using your laptop.

Grocery shopping

Now, most grocery stores offer home delivery. It seems lazy on first look but as far as I am concerned it’s better for the environment because it’s better for one van to deliver to multiple homes in a neighbourhood than multiple cars visiting the store! It saves you time and can save money as you won’t have to pay for gas or public transport.

Your local large scale store will certainly have an online app and installing one for all the local stores could be good for price comparison and doing bit shops at a few stores.

Then there are apps that may help you compare prices and get the best deals. The two best seem to be Google Shopping and MySupermarket (which is very popular in the UK and now has a USA version).


Best Buy, Target and all of those stores have an app but the king has to be Amazon because the mail order company often offers the best prices. That being said you can’t fail by checking the others and don’t forget eBay either, which of course has an app!

Now, I have already gone into quite a few apps where I didn’t want to be specific. The app experience may help you streamline your shopping and make it an easy rather than frustrating experience. Both Google Play and iTunes store have great customer feedback on apps so read through this before downloading new apps.

Good luck and happy online shopping!

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