Save money by buying coffee every day

A lot of people tell you that a great way to pinch some pennies is to cut out the buying the daily cup of coffee. Whilst I agree with that I think there may be a missed opportunity.

Purchasing coffee and drinks every day obviously costs money but what if you owned the store? I’m not talking about starting a¬†franchise¬†here, I mean a little store, so little that you are the only customer.

Well, this is my new coffee house, it’s tiny isn’t it?

You may be wondering what on earth I am talking about, have I gone a little mad? The idea came to me the other day. I buy a few coffees and sodas each week. I could benefit from just having the same coffee with me in a travel mug or buying a bigger pack of sodas from a supermarket and taking one with me for my treat. I probably drink 1-2 black coffees a day and about 1-2 sodas a week right now. The soda normally comes from the store and costs a few dollars, probably 3-5 coffees a week are purchased at $3-$4 (we are talking New Zealand dollars here if that seems expensive).

However having my own little store that I profit from will surely give me an incentive to get these coffees and sodas from my own stock at home, right?

That is where the envelope store comes in. Each time I have a coffee and soda at home I am going to put $1-$2 in the envelope.

What is the point?

After a few weeks I am sure the envelope will be bursting. I would have saved a nice little wad of cash without really missing the few dollars here and there. What one does with that money can of course vary depending on budget priorities. I think I am going to put it into a travel savings pot.

What do you think of the idea? Would you give it a try?

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18 thoughts on “Save money by buying coffee every day”

  1. I have done this, minus putting the money in the envelope. It does really help stretch my monthly spending money and my emergency stash of cash is not dipped into at the end of the month as much. Thus, having money aside for a real emergency.

    1. Hey Barb, it’s an obvious way to save really, though I have seen a rebellion from some of the bigger personal finance bloggers who think you should concentrate on the bigger picture and not worry about things like coffees.

  2. I don’t drink coffee, so I already save there. I buy a 24 pack of Cokes and won’t tell you how many of those I consume in a day. It annoys me when I buy one from a machine. I tell myself, “If I bought 24 cokes from machines, I would be paying $24 instead of $5.98 for drinks. I think keeping tracks of treats eaten out is just as important and bigger expenditures.
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  3. This is a very interesting post. I agree that buying in bulk and considering it as a little store at home is a great strategy. However, this poses a great temptation to consume more than the usual. The initial intention to save might become the culprit of breaking the budget.

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    1. Hey Belinda, the temptation really is hard when it is all there so often it’s best to keep things out of sight! It takes some training but can be done.

  4. As long as you don’t do this, then take the envelope full of cash and buy something you wouldn’t have anyways. Do that and you’re right where you started. The key is to do something productive with that money.

  5. I drink coffee before when I was not a pregnant but my husband loves to drink it. I think you are right we can save more money by buying coffee everyday with our own coffee house.
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