Sponsored Video: When is it ok to go out for Pizza?

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I try to be minimalist and not spend unnecessary money. I also think I am pretty good at it. Of course, everyone has an achilles heal and one of mine is going out to eat. I don’t do it a whole lot however it is something I enjoy spending money on and something I feel benefits my life.

Done everyday I think it’s a terrible choice. Generally eating out is not healthy however if you are like me you love trying every little restaurant and type of cuisine you can find. As I travel to new places I find all the little ethnic places and then plan it into my schedule and budget. The pleasure about eating is that it leaves me with a fresh experience and no extra baggage, perfect for someone like me who travels and wants to spend money on experience not stuff.

However as much as I can dig into new and interesting cuisine and up and down every place in town sometimes I just want Pizza.

Take out of restaurant pizza has a place in my mind as a social food. Gathering with friends to watch an event on the TV, prior to going out to a show or something of that ilk.

Pizza is easy, delicious and suits almost everyone!

My favourite pizza is topped with veggies including pineapple, sweetcorn, peppers and something spicey! I also don’t have cheese believe it or not! For me it’s all about the bread and sometimes I love thin crust (when I make pizza at home it’s always thin crust) but often in groups i’ll let go and indulge in deep dish. I have to admit I love the dough!

When do you think it’s ok to eat out and eat pizza? What toppings do you like?

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