Tips on how to choose a job based on earning potential

Tips on how to choose a job based on earning potential – Of course you work to earn money so making sure you get paid fairly for your time is essential. However choosing a job based solely on it’s earning potential is dangerous!

Tips on how to choose a job based on earning potential

Choosing a job or career solely on earning potential is a one-way-ticket to depression, in my humble opinion.

A job takes up so much of your life that it should be somewhat fulfilling, in-line with your skill set and of course pay enough to give you a good quality of life.

So before you identify the jobs with the biggest earning potential you need to narrow down the career areas that you are searching in and how those jobs will fit in with your lifestyle.

You need to consider things like where you may have to live (will it be away from family and friends?), what hours would you have to work, how much actual money per hour would it pay? A jobs worth is more than just it’s salary.

So finding a field can be easy. What do you enjoy doing (outdoor vs indoor work, numbers, writing etc etc). Make a list of these things. What fields are you qualified to work in and what qualifications could you do to become qualified? How well is the market in the areas you would happily live? Can the job be taken with you on your travels?

What are the potentials for promotion, progression to another job, experience for starting your own business? What potentials does it give outside of earnings?

Asking these questions and being honest about what you want and need beyond the money will give you a significantly narrowed down list and then you can start looking at the pay-scales in these areas to get a more realistic idea of what may be a good job to go for or aspire to get in the long run.

Do you agree / disagree and do you have any other comments, stories or tips? Can you be happy with a job that you are doing solely for the money?

I look forward to your thoughts.

2 thoughts on “Tips on how to choose a job based on earning potential”

  1. You got that right! Choosing a job based solely on money is a terrible career and life move. I’ve found the opposite to be true…choose a job in a field you are passionate about, you become better at the job because you are willing to do extra work and learn new skills and with time your income from it increases since everyones recognizes your value!
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