Update Your Home for Cheap

Update Your Home for Cheap – Updating your home is a constant project but not something that has to be a constant money drain. You may want to do some cheap updates to make the place feel better or get it ready for renting or selling. Whatever the reason there are a lot of things you can do.

Update Your Home for Cheap

Update Your Home for Cheap
Update Your Home for Cheap

Here are some options that won’t break the bank, a lot of it involves you doing work though so be careful to know what you are doing and don’t break your home!

A good clean – When was the last time you actually moved everything and really properly scrubbed? All furniture can be cleaned over with a toothbrush if you have to and a lot of lemon, baking soda and vinegar can be helpful in shining up surfaces and removing grime. Even your walls and ceilings can be washed if the paint can withstand a little water. You may be very surprised how much less work suddenly feels like it needs doing to update your home.

Professional level paint job – A decent paint job makes a world of difference and shouldn’t be that expensive if you do it yourself and shop around for some good quality paint. Watch some YouTube videos about painting, learn about how to apply multiple coats and make sure you tape properly and take your time.

Refinishing furniture and flooring – Wood can be stripped down and retained to look like new, much cheaper than new furniture and flooring. If the boards are good carpeting can be ripped up and the boards exposed. Chairs that have upholstery can be re-upholstered with modern materials and everyone will think they are new!

New curtains, throws and rugs – Curtains always change a rooms appearance. A throw is an easy way to update an older sofa and rugs can help cover older flooring and carpets plus are a great style addition to a room.

Declutter – Decluttering and working at general simplifying of life can help your home appear more open. Less furniture and things laying around will make you feel like you have put an extension on your home.

Get a green thumb – People neglect their gardens and if this is you then you need to get into it. Simplifying can be a good option by getting rid of unneeded clutter and installing easy to maintain grass. Go and talk to your local gardening center and ask what plants are easy to look after and will look great in bloom. A good garden will look like a painting in any rooms that have a view.

Barter – If you need some serious professional work done why not see if there is any chance you can barter with local professionals with any skills you have. You may be able to teach computer skills to a carpenter and just pay for materials for some work on your home or something like that. You can easily find a local barter network in your neighborhood.

Your tips? – So what else do you think will count as a good update on the cheap?

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Update Your Home for Cheap”

  1. I love all the tips you posted and I would add Upcycling and Thrifting… Usually when I get in the mood to change things (which to the “Excitement” of my family.. dripping with sarcasm) that mood usually hits about once a month… I tend to look at local thrift stores, antique shops and yard sales and find a new piece… I just recently found a coffee table at a yard sale for $6 and with $4 worth of Black Spray paint it is BEAUTIFUL and one of my favorite pieces in my home!! And I also change items from one room to the next, it doesn’t sound like much, but you would be amazed at how just moving one or two things can really make the difference in the room! :) Love the article!

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