What will the world look like in 2050?

What will the world look like in 2050Ok this doesn’t seem like a very frugal or financial based topic but it depends how you think things are going to turn out. what will the world look like in 2050 totally depends on a million different conceivable and inconceivable factors but in each scenario your position as an average citizen and your ability to survive economically will difder greatly.

In 2050 I will be 69 years old so as long as I keep my health and avoid freak accidents I will likely get to see the time I am talking about now. Who knows by then 69 may be the new 40! Life begins at 70, has a ring to it!

So for this article I am going to take  a quick look at some of the possible outcomes of the future and how it may affect someone of average income and average social status like myself.

The Utopia, a la many a sci fi

Many a sci fi has pushed this idea of a utopia. These days when you think about it it looks like a communist China with everyone wearing the same clothes and operating on a completely identical level. The only difference is that for the most part there is no distaste to this utopian existence as everyone is served everything they need. Of course many sci fi novels and productions end in some form of terrorism or savior (depending on the angle) destroying the utopia and sending humanity on the run!

Under such a utopia with clean white uniforms and manicured lawns, perfect health and everyone smiling there will be no need for cash. I would just be another one of the flock. No more, no less…. The truth is (and as much as I like the idea of equality) I would possibly end up being on the sides of the rebel if this went too far. People cannot be people in such a society and even though money worries would be gone, such an environment only produces drones. n fact the speed of technology would slow and a few enforces would effectively be running the show. I would not be surprised if this existence was a government or private enterprise.

Much the same but with much cooler technology!

This is my genuine prediction. I look back 40 years to movies and books and I know a lot has changed but not so much in day to day life. Move it forward 40 years and I am sure virtual reality, built in (to us) internet on a scale we can’t imagine and medical health advances beuond our dreams will be in place. Despite all this we will still be doing what we do. Hanging out with friends, working way to much, complaining about the government and a million other things. I do think it’s likely much of this will naturally take place in a virtual space. Things like second life will live up to their name and going out to a bar could well comprise of sitting at your VR desk with a 6 pack. The scary thing about virtual reality and 3d immersement getting so real is that the real world could get less use. Travel will decline, buildings for work and public service will be less needed and it’s possible the quality of the real world could decline. Oddly it can take just as long to build a high detailed virtual landscape as it does a real one so maybe that is what the engineers of the future will be working on.

Financially this should weigh in our favor as tech jobs from home or wherever else we want to connect from should be widely available and health should be less of an issue in general. However I can see less active lives and gentically modified foods causing some big problems even in this middle ground world. A 68 year old like myself may be over the hill but I could sit in a museum blogging on this site to show where it all started!

Human caused collapse, war and near apocalypse!

Of our 100’s of 1000’s of years (or a few thousand as some of you may believe) we have not yet brought on an all out apocalypse and destruction of the human race. However it has been talked about throughout all of human history and nothing is different now.

Religious tensions are rising, economies are collapsing and global south economies are tipping the super powers on their heads. Things like Monsanto’s terminator gene and genetically modified ill treated foods threaten to bring widespread illness and disease and the fact that there are just too damn many of us sparks the possibility of wipeout!

If this does happen and I survive then I expect that the frugality I have picked up along the years will be tested to more than it’s limits. I see some people living here in Egypt who probably wouldn’t notice too much of a change and the people already well introduced to poverty may be the ones to rise from the ashes of our own destruction. I don’t expect government big wigs or bankers to be able to get through such hard times so it could be the time of the world’s current poorest to rise and either teach everyone else how to survive or create a Mad Max style dog eat dog world….. Whatever it is money will be a different beast in such a horrible future.

Your opinion, What will the world look like in 2050?

I was kind of just having fun with this post but I generally think things will be ok in one way or another. We are becoming a global world and although there are ups and downs and battles to fight things such as general health, women’s rights, gay right’s and equality of races is getting better through much of the world. Religious tolerance is being tested right now but I hope that the excellent efforts by the religious communities at large will help us through these hard times and technolog will bring us the stuff we really are dreaming about.

So what do you think?

11 thoughts on “What will the world look like in 2050?”

    1. I’m not so sure but I hope it is….. I look back at predictions of now from the 60s/70s and 80s and although technology in many ways is stranger than we could imagine general way of life is not a whole lot different.

      Sounds like an interesting book.

      1. Actually, i think we have seen tons of change in the last 50 years. In the 1960s much of the world was a cesspool as compared to today. People in China were being sodomized or starved to death. The USSR was a threat to the western world even as its own people lined up for bread. The US was starting to suffer the consequences of both rampant pollution and rampant racial discrimination that had been going on for decades.

        On other levels… Could you get a mri and see inside your brain? Did you have fingertip access to terabytes of knowledge? Did you have an almost cost-free outlet whereby i could read your views?
        Did you ever imagine making a living from a virtual world?

        The costs of many goods has decreased relatively over time, too. Sure, there were no repeats of ww1 and ww2 (thank god) and the car and plane were already established, but there has been a lot of change nonetheless. In 50 years you may see even less obvious physical change, but things will keep getting cheaper, people will continue becoming wealthier, and information and technology will explode. For example, a cure to ageing in 40 years or less? It’s very possible and likely.
        Seasteading and other ideas like it? Why not?

        People are too spoiled by the abundance of today. 200 years ago life was difficult for most people, and 3000 years ago most of what we take for granted, both physical and intellectual… Simply didn’t exist! People should be more visionary and accept with gratitude and then create. Simply being alive today in almost any country (perhaps venezuela and a few other failed states as exceptions) but especially any semi-developed country is a gift, compared with the rest of history.

        1. I agree totally about all those things, I just meant the substance of who we are and how we live our daily lives will not be any different as such… Of course technology will be hugely different and hopefully less and less places in the world will be living in poverty but the way things are going with natural resources it’s possible that could go the other way for a while! As it’s corporations who will own the technology to fix these problems it’s doubtful that they will save the nations where poverty is happening without the possibility of making profit.

  1. The realistic option I think is:
    China as the dominant force. Huge wealth for the wealthiest Chinese corporations and some remaining US and European ones.

    Neworks of groups that live on the fringes of the official powers and economies. They are left alone or persecuted by governments.

    Optimistic scenario:
    Some corporation based around the cradle to cradle approach. Networks of local groups working on local issues co-ordinating around sets of values.

    Indian democracy as a counter-weight to Chinese imperialism leading to some victories for human rights in Asia. (Perhaps Burma?)

    Moderation of some aspects of the Chinese police state due to the demands of the expanded Chinese middle class.

    1. I hope some of your optimistic scenario comes true in respect to Burma :)….. Who knows what will happen when China finally make that leap to being the dominant power… Might not be as terrible as we think!

  2. I see two possibilities. One, our corrupt governments don’t provide the funding so by 2050, we will plunge back into the dark ages, and society will go mad. For people have had power since edison invented the lightbulb. And fankly, i go crazy over a short 4 hour power outage, especially if its dark out. But option 2, society pulls through and we provide new energy that is affordable for all, and cleaner for our enviroment, and will never run out. I pray for option 2, but only time will tell. I wish I had a DeLorean so i could check it out. LOLLLLLLLLLLL

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