Where to Buy Boric Acid

Welcome to Part 6 in our 7 part Cockroach Control on a budget series.

As mentioned in previous parts of this series Boric Acid is my budget (but highly effective) choice for combating cockroach infestation. Personally I think that it’s the best way to fight roaches….. But where on earth can you buy it?

Where to Buy Boric Acid….

Boric Acid is a pretty harmless chemical to us so it should not be that hard to find, depending on where you are.

In the USA you should be able to find it easy enough from most hardware stores. You need to buy it in powder form and half a liter (a pint) should be plenty for your first cockroach clampdown.

You could also go directly to the chemical manufacturers. I am in Cairo right now and I found the chemical factory by asking the local pharmacy.

If you don’t fancy leading the house then you can just order some from Amazon:

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