Why The Snuggie Became Successful

If you don’t own a Snuggie, or some other brand of armed blanket, then I can be pretty sure someone close to you does. The odd product took the world by storm and led to a kind of wave of fleeced armed blankets taking over homes across the USA and the world.

The Snuggie didn’t fill a gap in the market as blankets with arms already existed, it didn’t provide something everyone needed as the convenience really isn’t that much of a savior but what it did do was convince us that it was something we needed and something we could obtain for less than $10 each!

The Snuggie may well have been a bargain, people love the embarrassing look of them, it’s like a guilty pleasure for a Dad to be caught in his bright red Snuggie. The advertising worked and it roped everyone in!

Now, I am not saying there is anything wrong with owning a Snuggie, a Slanket or Freedom Blanket, or any of the other similar products. All are fun and add a minor convenience over a blanket.

However their success was in the direct marketing method that tells us we NEED that product and that it will fill a missing NEED. In fact, in many cases, the product advertising highlights the need for the first time for a large amount of people. There is no better way to success than creating your own market.

So what am I trying to say?

As a frugal minimalist (read that cheapo who owns nothing), I do not own a blanket with sleeves. I have no intention of owning one but that does not mean that I look down at people who do.

$19.99 for two (has the price risen?) really isn’t a bad deal but is it $20 you need to spend, will you really use it and is it something that will bring you additional happiness?

If you can sit down and answer these questions and all the answers are yes then by all means get one. But are they really yes or are they yes because the advertising said they are yes?

You are your own person but we are all affected by advertising no matter how much we pretend not to be (myself included).

The success of the Snuggie is an achievement for the company and maybe even a nice thing for yourself but just look at yourself and ask yourself if you are being pulled in next time your brain says ‘YES, I NEED THAT’.

I’d love to hear from you, do you agree? Am I missing the point?

5 thoughts on “Why The Snuggie Became Successful”

  1. I walk around my house here in Wisconsin draped in a fleece blanket 9 months of the year. My husband has threatened to buy me a snuggie to which I always reply, “Don’t you dare I will never wear it.” So all that marketing was wasted on me.

  2. I agree, their brilliant marketing plan made Snuggie a household word and it was sold at a price point that was appealing to a wide demographic.
    The year Snuggies became popular I knew several people who put them on their holiday wish list. I also know a few guys who bought them for all their friends for a joke Christmas present. It was cheap, they came in many styles and everyone got something they secretly wanted to try but didn’t dare buy themselves.
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